Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Swamped but starting to feel like I am getting there....

My to-do list is huge, so big it's making it hard for me to sleep at the moment. In the next week we are heading on hols and Lea is having her 2nd Birthday and Shannon is finishing her first year at school and also have a busy week with hospital appointments and the girls both have access with the parents. So I have been beavering away in the background trying to keep afloat and have gifts ready for the teachers. So this year I made a batch of cards, six of each of the ones below for them so they have a selection.

Here are the piles of cards ready to be packed and prettied up before I hand them out. For the school Secretary and the Caretaker and the other people who contribute to her day, I made some tags to attach to big bags of Malteasers - I know that these would make me smile!!

Today I made a dent in the packing, I find it such a horrible job, making sure they have just enough clothes and not too much, packing all the food for Lea for the 3 weeks, Liquid and dry food, all her containers, tapes, tubes, syringes and stuff that keep her alive. I head hurts with the stuff that I have going around - by the time I get on that plane, I will be shattered!!!