Friday, July 16, 2010

Normal times are here again....

Very rare photo of me - but this is one taken on my Birthday, I felt OK about having it taken and not edited it at all -but tempted to whiten teeth, smooth face and lighten it all... and slim me down too!! LOL

Below - I entered some photos to An Oiga photo competition and had 3 of them accepted to be displayed at their exhibition (which was a fab achievement!) and then heard that one of them was a prize winner and as we were away when the opening of the exhibition happened, I missed it but we took the family over to have a look at the display at the Botanic Gardens and Eamonn took a photo of me in front of the photo that was Highly Commended.

My two girl's social worker is leaving to take a year off and travel - I will miss her as she is normal and has been a great help to me and she thinks like normal people and this is rare in her job! I altered a journal for her, and will give her a gift voucher to spend on essential holiday stuff too.

Below is the card that I made for my friend Lisa (who is 40 and is at a great time of her life at moment, she is like a dog with two tails as all her dreams have come true over the last 2 years and she really deserves and copes so well with her life changes!). I can't take the credit for the card, I found something on the web and was inspired to make this card, and tried to find the link but cannot! Her card is nicer than this one, but I am happy with the way it turned out and it was fun to make too.

Close up of the roses. There must be around 40+ of them and sat making them watching tv.

Have a lovely 40th Party to go to this weekend and lot's of stuff planned for the next few weeks. Crafty stuff might be slow coming but have some more stuff in the pipeline to share.
Love M

Friday, July 9, 2010

Holiday over.....

If anyone was relying on me for their blog hopping entertainment they would have been sadly let down for the last month...... (not that I can claim to entertain anyone! LOL!) It's been mad here -

* a party for a 2 year old just 2 days before heading off for holidays with 40 people, bouncy castle and BBQ!
* organisation of 3 weeks supply of liquid food, tubing, tapes and accessories for 2 year old.
* special arrangements for travelling with medical assistance on 3 flights and 2 airlines
* 2 hospital apts just before heading off
* last min problem with medical stocks ordered in plenty of time.... (Bloody HSE!)
* 2 blissful weeks in Florida with kids who hate the heat
* fab family time in Boston and great 4th July family BBQ
* home to washing, unpacking, putting away and yet more appointments....

Snowed under but the weekend will mean time to get sorted again and then I will be back with an update.

Love M
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