Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Stuck on flowers - and shabby chic....

Oh I just love Shabby Chic - love the look of it and the colours and oh just everything. All my purchases lately have been really pretty girlie papers and that's why I made myself work on the black, red and kraft LO last week. Here I am again, posting more butterflies and flowers - so will have to finish the Spring colours LO on my desk and move on from pinks!!!

My friend had a birthday - so here is the card that I made her...

She reads my blog and really liked the butterfly frame that I made, so I did one for her, this time I used the Papermania Rose Garden paper pack cover for the buttefiles - so no cutting into real papers for this. The cardstock offcuts were from a baby book that I am making - so no waste at all here!

My DD was invited to a fancy dress party - where most of thea girls were ballerina's. princesses and other girlie personalities - My Shannon wanted to be Buzz Lightyear! She was the only Buzz there so she was delighted and it did not bother her in the least that all the others were princesses. Just got her some new Easter clothes and she was adament that she was not wearing anything "pretty", and she just about agreed to wear black jeans and a minnie mouse t-shirt and sweat shirt.

I spent last night running around a dark park with a torch and being artistic director while my friend Anna drew pictures with a torch in the dark - I know I am a bit mad, and Anna thought I was mad too!! The photos are funny, and are for my photography club competition.

Tonight will be spent printing and mounting the photos, and I might get a moment to finish the baby book that I have been working on for ages, my BIA machine ate some of the pages so I will have RTFM (Read the flipping manual!) as it just took far longer than it should have to do a really simple job!

Right - lot's to do and little time to do it!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Back to normal - well almost normal!

Here is my baby hiding in the food press - I keep my camera in the kitchen for moments like this, I was cooking and all I heard was "Bye Bye mamma!" and she was trying to climb into the food press - what a cutie!I was at my local crop last night and I resisted temptation to do the class and decided to finish some of the stuff that I was working on. I had made this LO and was not happy with the butterflies that I used, so I stamped and cut out these ones instead and finished the LO, much happier with it now - The LO came out of a hard day with my teenage daughter and the sentiments in the journalling are very heaftfelt.

There was so many new products at the crop last night that I really spurged on some new distress inks, papers and the paperpack (amongst other things, like flowers, rub ons, card stock whew!) above from Crate Paper - Paper Dolls. There was a sheet of paper on the top of the pack, which had small squares of each of the papers in the pack and as soon as I saw it I knew what I was going to do - Love something from nothing!! I cut the squares out and punched butterflies with my MS punch. I mounted them with glue dots and had left over green card and brown card on my desk and found the quote on the web and bobs your uncle!! My mum offered to take this litte beauty from me for one of her bedrooms - can't argue as she bought me the frame. She picks up these things for me when she see them.

I have no real plans for the weekend, fancy a bit of shopping with my mum and as there is a Rugby match on I may just skip out during that time and spend time with my mum. DH has asked for time off for good behaviour on Sunday for a match, so fair is fair eh!! I have another LO in progress, it's not ready for viewing yet, just a jumble of pieces at moment!!

Have a lovely weekend!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Nothing for ages - then you get it all in one go.

Have had nothing crafty to share for ages, just been doing little things, not worth sharing and also preparing for stuff for my camera club, which kept me busy. Here are a few things that I did take the camera out for. Mothers day cards for my mum and his mum too.

This is a little gift for our new baby boy that was born a few weeks ago and I have it all parceled up and ready to go in the post this afternoon for them.

and the card to go with it. Have done this card before, so not reinveting the wheel here!

Had a mammoth busy week last week with no less than 12 appointments for the kids, so I was glad to see the back of that week. We had two key hospital visits which each brought with them news - not all good. My little one is staying on the feeding tube, and this will mean travelling on hols with cases of liquid food again and tubes, canisters etc for 3 weeks in USA... Not what I wanted to hear. Shannon saw her Nurologist, and she has decided to refer her for an Austism diagnosis - Aspergers we think. This was not new news, but still it kinda hurts us and although I welcome a label with open arms, as I think it opens doors and promotes understanding, the reality can be hard to deal with.

Will share more family style photos, just having some issues with blogger this morning, and it not being a nice as it can be.

Ta Michelle