Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mad about Ruffles....

I am truly a girly girl!  Love all the pretty things and always wearing bright girlie colors, find it hard to wear black and this really shows in my crafting.  So todays blog post is an homage to girlie, pretty colors, bows and ruffles!

The summer holidays are nearly over and my life will go back to normal soon and I will have a bit more time to craft, at the moment my full time job is being a referee between a 4 and 7 yr old who would argue about two flies climbing up a wall!

Here are two cards that I recently completed.  One was started weeks ago and the other was dragged out of me as I found it so hard to sit and craft and worried I would never be able to make a card again as my mojo was shoved so much to the side I could not find where to start!

This first card was made for my daughter as she was sitting her Junior Cert Exams and we wrote her some notes the night before....  (do well or else!!)

Love these colors and all papers and chipboard pieces are from Crate Paper.

This second card was made for my mother's birthday and was the one that I had such trouble with.  First I saw an origami bow tutorial on PInterest and spent 2 hours trying to make pretty bows! (The link I gave is a great one, and not the one that I was using originally..... Doh!!!)  Once I had perfected them I then made 3 for a card idea that I had in my head and once I started the card I realized that I was going in a completely different direction and had to make more!

Only 4 more days to go till school starts!!! Yah!!!