Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy Days....

My lovely cousin Jennifer and her boyfriend Tim arrived last Sunday from Boston, bright and early at 5am in the morning. I collected them from the airport (see previous post and whinging!) and Tim had arranged for them to spend their first night at Clontarf Castle and he asked Jennifer to marry him... What a lovely romantic venue and we joined them that night to share the bottle of champagne and their excitement.
Above is the card that I made for my mum's Birthday - I sat and sat the night I made this, the first card was all cream and brown and when I looked at it, it did'nt look like a "happy" card, so it was a big push to get this one done and for me to be happy with it.

In the next week I have to send 4 Birthday cards, 2 first day at school cards, one well done card and an engagement card. I've made a start on them, but not ready to show, got 3 done tonight so happy that I am nearly ready.

My craft room is such a state, I keep running in and spending time making but no time to tidy and OMG after a month of that it's hard to even find anything. So, big effort needed to get it cleaned up and this house could do with a big job done on it too!!! LOL....

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to....

This is the card I made at a crop last Thursday - it took me nearly 3 hours to make this as I just kept being distracted by the shop stock, the intersting chat and the girls who were at the table.... I am a chatty girl, and like to have fun and had my friend Elaine on one side and a crafty friend who we don't get to see very often on the other.
The card was one I made for my friend who celebrated a big birthday recently and we went to a gay night club on Friday night and OMG we had so much fun.... We danced and danced till 3am where I fell into bed and felt horrible the next night. I tend to try and not have a hangover cause hangover + kids = horrible day!

Funny the photos of the night apperared on facebook the next day and there was one photo of a brazzilian guy who actually picked me up off my feet and my face is just so shocked! I commented that I got picked up by this fab looking brazillian guy, but if he had taken me home he would not have known what to do with me.

It felt like we had crashed and landed in a different land being in a gay nightclub and no matter how old or wize I get, seeing two guys kissing and the rest is still odd to me! LOL it was a lot of fun and something we all plan to do again as we just had the best night.

Have another card to share so off to try and find a photo of it.

Night Michelle
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Third time lucky....

*%$£$% blogger is not playing nice tonight. It not liking my photos at all, but I will try again!

Below is the card that I made for Layla's first Birthday. You might remember Layla, She is my cousin Lara's little girl and featured in lot's of shots last year. This card started up as an icon on my Cricut Celebrations cart, but I could not get it to cut to the size I wanted so I cut it free hand instead! Papers are from Imaginisce...

This card is the one I made for the recent death we were touched by. I agonised over this card, the papers and the style but in the end it's not the card thats important, it's the message inside! Pink Paislee papers were used.

This evening my lovely friend Lisa called in after spending the afternoon enjoying my 40th Birthday gift to her. She had a Boudoire style photoshoot with my very talented friend Anna and her pal Ally. Ally provided her specialist hair and makeup skills and even late in the evening Lisa looked amazing. Anna photographed Lisa and made the magic and I think Lisa enjoyed it.
So if you are having a big special birthday, reached the age where you need to remember the sexy you, or know someone who needs a treat, why not contact Anna 087 929 4988 who is now specialising in this type of photoshoots and hopefully Lisa might allow me show you some of her photos - maybe, hopefully!!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Absence not planned....

My long blogging absence was not planned and not wanted.... We have had the horrible news of a death, very traumatic and horrible and it's had huge impact on our home. We are getting there but it's taking time and the stress has taken its toll on my creative time and inspiration. To top it all off - we are getting work done on the house, new wooded floors and the place is in a heap, not good for your mental health eh!!

Our little one is 2 and here are the cupcake sticks that I made and a photo of her on the big day.

More to come - photos on the other computer so will share soon.

My other news is a little bit of good news - someone is actually paying me to take photos! Yes my first paid job, it's not a lot, but OMG am I happy and at the same time worried that I won't be able, but I know once I get there, and my nerves settle down I will be able to get thru it!

Will be back soon - promise!