Thursday, December 30, 2010

Whew! Well it's all over and I am soooo happy!

I don't make my own life easy - I try and keep my plans to what I hope will be manageable levels, but in reality I still try and hope I can do more than is possible.  I tend to feel I have failed if all the plans in my head don't come to fruition, but this year the voice in my head will just have to shush!, as I really tried my hardest and what was able to get done, did get done.  I made these little gift card envelopes for my friends, my mum and myself.  Inside I bought vouchers to go on the Big wheel at the O2 for friends and some Marks and Spencer Vouchers for the Teacher and Special Needs Assistant.  I think they turned out lovely.

At the beginning of December I bought lots of jars in Ikea and made spiced Pears for gifts.  I packaged them with boxes of crackers, some blue cheese and the jars, along with a pretty tag that I rustled up and the gift went to friends too. 
 The die is the Spellbinders snowflake die....

 We had a big bake sale at the primary school and I made these christmas cupcakes with lovely snowflakes on the top for the sale.  The day I went my box of gifts arrived from Florida and inside the box, not wrapped was this cupcake carrier box and I was so happy to give it a first go and so many people asked me where I got it.  Now it's honesty time again - I hate buying baked foods from these school sales - I have vision of the cakes being prepared with dirty hands, in dirty kitchens and I can't shake the thought when I am there.  So I put my cakes into the sale and then bought  a bag of them back! LOL Sorry but I am honest!!!!

On my list of things to do was to try and make the Pioneer Woman Cinnamon rolls, and one night with lot's of excess energy I tackled the recipe, it's a bit long winded, scalding milk, waiting for it to cool (ie, plonk pot into the snow outside the door when it's -10!), mixing it and waiting for it to prove again.  I made 8 trays of them, and when the snow was thick on the ground and people were fed up with days of staying in and not going out for anything but emergencies - I wrapped them and gave them as "happy" gifts to ease the pain of the snow.

The girls had a lovely christmas - here are a few pictures....
 Small bean enjoying her new colouring book...
 Bailey wearing his new coat!
 This photo is for Val - this is Lea sitting in the new unit that was delivered yesterday.  Yes! We had no table for Christmas as the delivery did'nt make it till yesterday.  Probably a good thing as we had a full days work to get the stuff changed over, into place and looking right - so I do belive in fate, that whats meant to  happen does happen, but probably only for the good stuff....
 If your still reading and not died of boredom - we went to the Christmas market in Farmleigh and I was shocked that the lake there was frozen solid, that is not normal here in Ireland!
 Indulge me a little - I wanted to play with Bokeh images and played with my camera for a few shots....

 Lea's Bike sitting there just after Santa delivered it - and below two little girls, just out of the bath and in their special Christmas jammies from Auntie Jennifer and Uncle Tim (who could not decide so sent two sets - Yah!! and so so grateful!)
 Frozen solid - had to take this photo just to remind myself what the few days over Chrismas were like, cause I know we will forget, but at lunchtime this plant was still frozen solid and my car said it was -8, and the locks and doors froze while we were visiting friends.

I did my boxes of goodies this year but in the rush to get them done, and circulated I forgot to photograph them, and the dressed jars of Cranberry sauce.  So there ya go - a wrap up of the season and am tempted to take the tree down tomorrow - very tempted, I keep taking an item down every time I go upstairs and plonk it in the box and nobody has noticed!  Nite all and working on a few small things so might have to wait a while for the next post.  Happy New Year ya all!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sneekie peeks...


It's the eve of my big furniture delivery and as with most plans things don't generally go to plan do they.  It started to snow yesterday and 7" later the schools are out till 10th January and life is not going to my plan.....  So the furniture won't arrive tomorrow and there is a big ? about Thursday and even maybe Christmas Eve.  I am not precious about it - so decided not to stress and to take what happens on the chin like a grown  up!  So no table for Christmas dinner so we will have to eat at the big island in the kitchen - a first for us, but we will cope!  Upside is I don't have to spend an hour setting up the table with my good crystal, silver cleaned etc, so one less job for me. 

I want to share some of the stuff I've made over last few days.  I made two photo books, one for Lea's dad and one for Shannon's granny, only took a photo of 1 of them and the other was different as the book was larger.  This photo album was 31cents in Tesco - BARGAIN!!!!

Inside book - sleeves hold a year's photos of Shannon....

 I made a few little boxes for gifts of 2 bottles of wine - all they need is a lovely big ribbon around the bottles...
This one is my fav - lovely red pearls on his tummy!
A gift for Shannon's Nana - a lovely christmas plate I found in Carrick Donn, with home made mince pies and a little home made tag.

This is my card that I made for my mum for Christmas - and a close up.

 Now here we come to the rooms that are under construction right now - one has the mirror up and the other waiting for "the" delivery.
Yes - no curtains yet, waiting for the sale!!!
One fairy pulled her stocking down!
 My car boot sale table all pretty - not in it's final position, but sitting happy there till we get the cream cabinet we ordered.

 My hall - the mirror got a lovely garland from Meadows and Byrne - and some new candle holders finish the look, they might even find a permanent place there.
 This evening when defrosting the car to go to collect Lea from playschool - the car had icicles on it, not surprising as it was -4 out there.

Sorry about the photo heavy post - more photos to come of stuff I just finished - must remember to photograph then before I give them all away. 

I've just made 9 batches of Cinnamon buns from The Pioneer Woman website - OMG these are just my fav thing and can't wait to try them.  Planning on baking them in the morning.  I also did a batch of spiced red cabbage and the house smells amazing.  Right I'm off to tidy up and see what damge the boys did as we just got pelted with snowballs!

Nite all.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!

I LOVE Christmas, just love it!!! My head is so full of plans and creative mojo that I could just be making and preparing 24/7 and still not finish it all in my head.  This year I am trying to be organised, trying to think ahead and have as much as I can done, but my head is stull full of plans and ideas that it hurts a little.

I have the majority of my presents wrapped, my cards gone, my teacher gifts ready and chilled in the fridge, my 15 jars of Cranberry sauce ready, my first 5 dozen mince pies made, and those special cards made too.  You would think that with this lot done my head would be clear - but NO, I am still bashing myself up that I am not ready and most nights I have a "to-do" list and tonight I just sat and did nothing apart from watching X factor.  No Kirsty and Phil's perfect Christmas is on and my stress levels are increasing as I just want to be like them - a bit like the Stepford Wives idea of Christmas...  Not good eh!!

Any hoo! - I sat beside the fire last week when we had a mountain of snow and told the kids to pretend I was not here, well if I went out to work I would be entitled to a lunch hour, and there was a week when I had the kids 24/7 and no lunch hour so it was much needed.  So I sat beside the fire and made this little card.

It was popped in the post to the lovely lady to celebrate the birth of their new baby girl - so I was just thrilled to get a text from her to say she was delighted and it was the nicest card she had every received and she was going to frame it for the baby's room...  She has her own fabulous furniture store Vobe Interiors and she asked if I sold them!  LOL I don't but I was very touched and pleased she liked it.

Actually she is the lady that I ordered all my new furniture from, using the idea that if I ordered it all from the same place and it saved me time as I don't have much spare time to travel from shop to shop picking each item, so my couches have been delivered, new lights up, and waiting for the rest of it soon I hope.  New blinds coming next week - so getting there.  Just need a bit skip for all the toys in this house!

Ramble over - off to maybe tackle something from my crafty list.  Nite all....

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Been dying to share this!

 In August this year my cousin Jennifer and her boyfriend Tim visited Ireland for a holiday.  On their first night Tim suprised Jen by taking her to a local castle / hotel and proposed marriage to her.  As we only live 5 mins drive from the hotel my husband and I went down for a drink with them later that night and I took my camera to take a few shots of them to remember the night.  A few days later we took off and did a little photo shoot with them and I compiled the shots in this book for them.  The box was just an afterthought to ensure the book is kept safe and that the book arrived to Boston safely.

I used 2 collections of My Minds Eye to make the book and loved the papers so much that I don't want to use up the last of the papers LOL!

Front Cover.

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

Page 7
Page 8

Page 9

Page 10

I was just about to package the book and noticed that I forgot to dress the book rings - so I quickly dressed them with ribbons to pretty them up.  Jen & Tim loved the book and he was so cute, he was at home when it arrived and Jen asked him to open it up and describe it to her, and he asked her to wait to open it together when she got home - Ahh!

Right we are snowed in - it's -5 right now and day 4 of snow and OMG I am so over the snow!  Enjoy and stay warm!!!