Saturday, February 27, 2010

Good thing there are no boys!

I only seem to be able to get my head around pinks and girlie stuff at the moment, and as my cousin Deirdre in Clayton, NC, in America has just had a baby boy I better get my head around some boy stuff soon. Baby Dechlan arrived safe and happy and can't wait to see some pictures of him and his two adorable sisters are happy to have a brother, but a bit worried about having to watch Spiderman! LOL....

Any I printed two photos off last week for the circular LO (Many many thanks for all the lovely comments and yes, I took the background off and am happy with it now!) that I uploaded last week and as my box of new stash arrived from A Trip Down Memory Lane, I rummaged in the box and found these fab papers that I ordered from Fancy Pants and just started cutting and laying down.
More flowers (Sorry!) so very predictable, was going to use my new Prima ones I bought but in the end wanted to try a tutorial I found here (by Lollychops!) and they turned out fab, and her instructions are great. Pearl seed beads were sitting in my bling bag and crying out to be used, so they got glued in place.
Saw this on a LO somewhere and wanted to have a go at it, so this is folded circles, and liked the ruffle type effect it gives.
Fine cutting of an image on the PP - pain to cut, but like to cut.
Had to trim the LO sides as it won't fit into an album and used the trimming to make some spirals - never know when to leave it alone.

I am trying to convert others to crafting and Millie's mum, Audrey called over the other night for chat and I helped her make a card - this is her card, she coloured the image and I helped her pull it all together, she happy as she needed a Thank you card and she went home with one she made herself. I wonder if she will become as obsessed as me! (no room in my area for two lunatics!) Sorry the photo is so bad, it was late and bad lighting. Colours are lime green and rusty reds, with a hint of peach.

Well trying to get a babysitter for tonight and failing - 5 No's at the moment, so looks like one or both of us staying home tonight! Have a great weekend.

Ta M

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Help - confused and confuddled....

Made this LO last night (late!) looked at it today and added a bit, now not sure if Ive over done it, so question - with or without????

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The cost of winning....

I've been keeping any eye on a shop's blog - A trip down memory lane, and last week won a prize (yah! and as they were posting to me it would have been a shame to miss an opportunity!), so I added a few bits to the parcel and nearly £50.00 later I am waiting with baited breath for the box to arrive with all my lovely prima papers! Anyway, they have another sketch challenge and I decided to play along....

Here is the sketch -
And here is my interpretation of it....

I'm not being shy about showing the journaling, but have not gotten my head around what I am going to say - and I HATE HATE HATE my handwriting, so I think once I write on the layout it will be runined.... Papers are just yummy lush - from my Scraproom double shot kit that arrived early this week and my model was the Birthday Boy Warren, some photos that I snapped of him in my kitchen in late January this year. Actually once I've finished this I will probably give it to Lisa for her album for Warren. Still have lot's of the papers left and might do something else nice with them. Papers are from Upsydaisydesigns and are called Man about town.

We have friends who are celebrating their 40th Birthdays and had to sit down and make 2 cards, and the third was one I started to make and did'nt like so left it and made another....

Looking at the cards - all the papers came from Scraproom Double shot kits, just love them and was led willing to them by my friend Kathryn, who subbed to them and aother and liked these kits the most. The Pink card is the one that I was not too happy with - it's nice, but not what I wanted the card to look like iykwim....

Have a baby book looking at me, right in my line of view on my desk, screaming at me to be finished - so will have to jump in and just get onto it. The covers are all done, and I have now bought some more BIA wires to finish it - no excuses. What have you got on your "To Do" list that you have not face, I have another re-make to do of a 40th Birthday book that I've had back for ages and just cannot face taking it up again - anyone else like me!?!?!?!

Thats all for now - Byee!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cupcake Frenzy.....

Thats what happens here, you seem to get onto a "thing" and then it gets lashed to death. Have made soooo many batches of cupcakes I've run out of many of the stable ingredients that would normally last months, like Vanilla extract (special stuff like black treackle!) and packs and packs of icing sugar... Good thing they have no calories or fat - (Yah! right! - but would'nt it be lurverly!)

The box above was made for my mum to give as a Thank you gift, and the person was shocked as they normally don't get any form of Thank you's - so that was nice.

This batch below was for Warren's 1st Birthday - Lisa had a fab day for Warren, lot's of food and kids and great goody bags for the little ones.
The Cup Cake toppers are a digital stamp from The Cutting Cafe - I asked Regina if she could make me these up and with super quick service she made them and personalised them for me. Lisa was really happy that I went to the effort to have them made and to make them up. Cupcakes were yummy too!

Here is the card that I made for Warren - using my pad of papers from DCWV - Nana's Kids, this is a fab stack that I come back to all the time for kids cards.

Lisa's little man - enjoying his special day!This was the card that I made for my DH for Valentine's Day, can't take the credit for the design of this, found it on a blog by another fab card designer Danielle Flanders and scrap lifted it, as I had the Pink Paislee Cupid range and made it a few weeks ago and delighted to have it just there and ready to be written.

Big kid off for a week and little on off on Thursday and Friday - so have a few busy days ahead. Made 3 cards last night and will photograph them and share soon.

Love Michelle

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Small post - not planned but hey ho!

I am a bit of a Duracell bunny, always on the go and rarely veg in front of the telly, you might find me knitting, ironing, cleaning or like tonight, out in my office watching telly on the computer and working away on my craft projects. Even when out in the office I have a list of things that I want to do and keep working away on it. Anyway, I got one of those ideas that you just have to put all other things aside and work on it and frankly I blame Lisa Bearnson! In one of CK magazines there was a bit about helping out in school and maybe giving the teacher a break and making up packs of cards for the kids to make. So this idea popped around my head and I made up a simple card and sent them off to a most appreciative teacher today! Cut the hearts on the Cricut (Home accents cart!) and printed the gray sentiment - From you love bug inside the card so the little ones can write over it and look fab for the mums. The chocolate bugs are from a pack in Tesco, 13 for €1.38, so all in all took about an hour and gave everyone smile.

Working on my cupcakes - made 3 batches and tonight I am happy to say the receipe has been found the icing works and I am a happy bunny. Dh has taken bags of them into work, the ones we did'nt like and I think these ones are keepers - half the batch gone already!!

Guess who paid a visit - Millie Moo! She is just such a doll and my camera just loves her but my new Canon 7D would even love her more!! (hint hint!!)

I am in awe of her, she is such a little tub, with rolls of loveliness and fat face and pudgy hands. Nothing like the skinny, tube fed rossie we love and adore - Millie, is just pure baby personified and sooooooooo bloody good, her mother has no idea what a little cherub she has, and this baby just sleeps, smiles and eats. - Oh it's sickening!

More cupcakes and stuff early next week - Night all.....

Monday, February 8, 2010

Life can get in the way...

Time for the illness, temperatures and maliase to leave this house and head off and bug (pun!) someone else. There are bottles of Calpol and Nurophen everywhere - and the girls need to go back to school and I need my sanity back. Shannon has been sick for 2 weeks nearly - just got over one dose and got another, Lea only better now, and started to walk this weekend, at 20 months old!!! (about time too!!). Caoimhe getting small doses all the time but getting over them - but want to open the windows wide open and let the fresh air into the house to drive all the bugs out! Now back to more interesting stuff!!

Here is a collage of some of the 400+ photos that I took on my weekend away....

lol that surfer is not fat - the compression of the photos makes him look like a tub! The frosty middle one is strange, it was freezing fog that had left this display on the bare branches of the trees fantastic stuff, and never ever seen the like of it before. Oh and I did join the camera club and was graded and am now in the Intermediate group - yah! Delighted!

Anway - working away on stuff that I can't show you till the weekend, but can show these two projects that I made with the free templates that Regina at The Cutting Cafe,
has given away to everyone till Monday pm.

The Baby digital stamp is also from Regina, and I made 4 cards with it on Sunday night.... The Pillow box below is again from Regina she even made me a custom order which I will share soon. It's for a friend, so can't post it yet.

These little cup cake toppers are for my mum to give as a Thank you with a batch of frosted cupcakes that I will be baking on Friday for her to take fresh. I bought some cupcakes on Satuday to take the photos and they were horrible - so home baked is better all around!

The digital stamp is again from Regina at The Cutting Cafe, and I tend to keep coming back to these all the time and cut the with my nesties and the sticks were re-purposed from Ikea coffee shop - lol! That's all for the moment - back at end of the week with more.

Ta M