Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Something old.....

This project has been sitting in my craft room for ages.  In fact, I really had forgotten about it, and only went looking for a specific photo for camera club and found these photos.

The frame was bought at a car boot sale for €1.00 and it was in a state.  There was a horrible picture inside and the frame was bashed up.  So I covered the black frame in some Acrylic Paint (Adirondac Dabber - Pool) and distressed it when it was dry.

I treated each little square as a scrapbook mini page - Hope you like it, I originally planned to give it away, but I really like it and may make something else for the person in mind.

Ta for now - off to a parents council meeting, with 3 girls, I feel you need to give back.

Monday, October 10, 2011

I love this photo!

I really love to teach people to scrapbook and craft.  Over the last year I've been given some lovely opportunities and it's become so much fun!  There is such a sense of achievement when at the start of the night they have a bag of stash, and at the end they have a LO that they will have in their albums for years.

We came home from holidays on Wednesday and on the Thursday I taught this class.  The papers were My Minds Eye, Lost and Found 2, Breeze collection and  I have been using each collection since they came out and have a range of items made with these papers.  This new collection is as amazing as the last ones, and perfect for a home decor item that I have planned in my head.

Anyway, I had taken a lovely photo of my DD Lea recently, and it was begging to be scrapped so this is the LO that I made.

These papers are very fussy, stunning, but hard to add much to without going overboard, so I went easy on it and tried to keep the LO clean and simple(ish!).  From this angle you can't see much, but the LO is full of dimension, each layer is on foam dots and edges inked for effect.  I have a mild obsession is little flags at moment and these little cut offs from the end of the patterned paper are put to good use as these little edge embellishments for the side of the journalling block.  Yet again I have left the journalling block blank as I find it hard to write the right words, and feel that if I write on it now, I will change my mind in a few weeks and feel foolish about what is now written and cannot be changed.

The bonus to the class I taught, was that there was sufficient leftovers to make a card, and this is what I came up with.   The little toothpick flags are everywhere at the moment and this was the perfect opportunity to have a go too!

I have a lot of things that I have not shown here on the blog that I will keep adding over the next few days and am working on a' hush hush' DT project that made me smile so big when I got the news, so as of this moment I have just finished it, and waiting for daylight to photograph it before I can email it to the  DT co-ordinator.  Fun fun fun, but hopefully it will be good enough and I might be asked again!!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Back at long last.....

We are home and all back to normal after our holidays.  The bags have been unpacked and all put away, the washing done (ironing is a work in progress!!) and happy to be home and all safe and sound. (More on the holiday soon!)   My DD Caoimhe is getting ready for her school trip to Germany for 5 days tomorrow and has to be in the airport for 4.30am!  OMG what an un-godly hour to have to get up!

ITh day after I came home, the postie delivered a lovely box from Handmade Hannah!  Her stunning Christmas kit, and OMG I was still in getting sorted mode, but my head was spinning with what to do with it.  Initially I was going to do a minibook as they are so much fun, and how good would it to have one ready to go for this Christmas, but as I did'nt get much scrappy time till Sunday night (silly jet lag had me falling asleep on the couch every evening!), I got to see what Hannah and Katherine did with their kits, and as they both made minibooks I deceided to try and do something else!

So after minibooks, my next favourite thing is Bunting!  OMG I just love it so much and I did'nt have one that I had made for Christmas yet, so I decided to give it a go!

For my Be Merry Project, I used the kraft card as a base, cut the lovely My Minds Eye 6x6 paper pad, and went to town on the embellishments.  The title was cut on my cricut and the only thing not in the kit was the glitter that I used on the title, but when it was finished I hated it, so in desparation I phoned around to see if anyone had any Red glitter card and having no patience to wait, I then played a little and came up with the clever idea to paint the title (after already sticking it down!! Dhhh!) with my Twinkling H2O's!  Viola!  The title pops, the bunting looks better and I can relax!

Lots of use of my border punches, sewing machine, some glossy accents on the Y flag on the little lights.  I used lot's of dimension on this project using foam pads and layers of accents.  It looks lovely in my front room on the fire place and also in the kitchen.

So hopefully its better late than never!  Sorry for taking so long to post girls, but jet lag just sapped my energy!  Love this project and it may stay where it is till Christmas and I think it's fab!

Loads more left in the kit and I may have an inkling of an idea for the rest of the kit!

Ta M