Sunday, October 31, 2010

Random pics of my busy week....

Gosh this week was one big busy one.... Every day had something that I had to do, we had a photoshoot, a Wedding, a Dinner invite and Lady Gaga too. I am far too old to be out 3 nights in a row and OMG I felt so tired last night I just slobbed on the couch, but had to edit about 500+ images so still working.

I made this card for the Lovely couple Brenda and Terry who got married on Thursday - at the start I was not sure if I liked the card but in the end it turned out nicely and I was happy to give it to them. When I talked to them today they liked it so much they are going to frame it so I am really chuffed!
Photo below shows the card as it is folded up for presentation to the happy couple. Brenda and Terry just after getting married and walking down the aisle.... Ah! bless....

I took the girls on a run to the park the other day - I had great plans for lovely photos but they had other plans these are some of the shots that I got of them - different I know but I wanted them for a scrapbook LO.

Lady Gaga was just amazing - OMG she put on a fab show and here are some of the photos I took while hiding my camera from the security man.

I altered this cheap jar from Tesco, I think it cost €1.59 for the Jar and I covered the top and sides and begged some Waltzing Mouse Images from Sandie Dunne (Thanks Sandie!) and gave this into my DD's class for Halloween. Hope the teacher gave them out to the girls!

OK that's it for now - I had a fab day at our new crop venue on Saturday with all the local crafty girls and we had a great time. I worked on a book for my cousin Jennifer with the photos of her and her Fiancee Tim when they were here on hols recently and I am just about finished - Yah (I can hear my mum saying!!

It's Halloween and my girls are dressing up soon - one as a Pirate, one as Bugs Bunny and one as a "Spicer!"... (no comment on last one but I reallly want to!! LOL).

Have a spooky time and hopefully X Factor will see the numpty Wagner being voted out.....

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Want to play?

Hi Ladies

If you want to play along on Saturday at the Crop we are going to try and do a Stash users Scraplift.... We all have lot's and lots' of stash sitting there not being used, so the idea is that for the first month we are using one of my LO's (yours next time OK!) to scrap lift, and try as much as you can to use stuff in your stash, but I'm sure Anna-Marie will love if you have to buy the odd bit with her on Saturday.

What you will need is:

1 sheet of 12x12 card stock that coordinates with...

3 sheets of pattern paper - great if they are from the same maker and range....

- co-ordinating papers one plain ish,

- and one double sided if there was a die cut one with a fancy edge that would be fab.

- if you had one that you can cut flowers out of the pattern great!
small bit of kraft card - (optional)

A co-ordinating journalling card

If you had small pearls or gems that would be great.

Matching alpha's

Tools - Paper trimmer and circle punch and border punch, corner rounder

tweezers and foam pads and glue dots if you have them (or sit beside someone who does!!)

My LO has 1 6x 4 photo in colour.

I am going to show you 3 techniques for making your own flower embellishments - the first is with fabric and a glue gun - (bring one if you own one!), the second is with a stapler and circle punch and the third requires glue dots and a tweezers....

Don't stress 0r worry if you don't have the stuff - we can share and we the LO is yours and your work, so there are no rights or wrongs.

Hope you like it and want to play along.....

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I thought I had nothing to share....

but when I looked there are a few photo bits to show you.... My main photo share is not ready yet - still editing and had RSI and sore fingers last night but nearly there.. This image from our weekend in Drumshanbo a few weeks ago - lovely swans got bored with me when they realised I had no food and took off. My cheeky minx - who just loves the camera.... She has an BIG hospital apt. tomorrow.....
We found a funny furry catapillar and Shannon wanted to keep it, but it did'nt quite survive a hand hug from Lea....Oh dear!

and OMG what a fab face to photograph - this is Millie, she has grown and has just celebrated her 1st birthday... She is stunning and has such lovely eyes!

I have some crafty stuff too! This little notice board is currently having a makeover - it's nearly done but not ready to share, the main bits are done, but it needs something else and has been pushed aside for other stuff. This was the LO that I made for Kirsty Wiseman's wednesday night crop two weeks ago, and the one below that is the one that I made for last week.

I have more to share - something sitting on my desk that is yummy and pretty and a Halloween jar that I alterered, and want to toot myself as I got some photos used as part of a company brochure and will share that too... My phone rang and I was offered some more photo work so a happy happy bunny - just need my DH to agree to let me buy my two new lenses, I only need €2,500!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bold blogger - very very bold

Blogger keeps eating my photos - not sure what is happening but I know I have no patience to play with it tonight.

Will psot some fab photos from my weekend away with the girls - we chatted, ate well and got up in the middle of the night for our adventure. We had the most fab guide who took us to location after location and we fell in the door at 8pm after leaving the house at 6am!! So 14 hours on the go, standing in lakes, climbing over fences, up hills, clambouring over rocks at the seaside OMG it was a sensory overload and tickled that creative zone deep inside - only 650 photos to edit and sort....

Blogger is down for maintenance tomorrow and will post some photos after it's had a good seeing to!

Nite all