Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's coming..... really it is!!!

This is our Christmas card that is arriving with friends and family right now... I took the photos myself, but the template was one I got on Etsy. Two of the girls were really unwell and it took ages to get the right photos for the card. I like the outcome but will be heading back to Shutterfly next year as the company that printed them did a really awful job and I am in dispute with them over the quality and the service I got They told me today after I complained on Friday that I was to photograph the cards and send it to them, but as they are all gone in the post that his not possible, so we are in stalemate - I ordered from, but it seems that they are printed in the uk and you have to wait the extra delivery time as the post from the UK in very slow... So just in case you think that ordering from an Irish site means local delivery, you like me would be wrong... Steer away from them, got better quality & Colour copies from my local chemist but they were much more expensive.
Had to make some cards this week for Christmas and a thank you too. Found it hard to get my head around them, but made a few more too, but can't show them as the people they are for read my blog (wink wink!)

Four years ago I gave personalised Christmas stockings to my friends for their kids... Life moves on and when my friend Audrey had baby Millie, I realised that she would need another one for her new baby, (she is just like me and would like a matching set!!). So I rummaged in the attic and found the bag of red velvet, bought some new white velvet and begged my mum to run me up some new stockings - just 4 this time and I set about personalising them. So Audrey has a full set for her 4 girls, and I now have a set for my girls too - so it's all good.

It's full steam ahead here for Christmas, our tree is up, I've made 7 dozen mince pies, boxes made for the baked goods, my photo card all done and posted and I've even started wrapping presents... My girls have all been sorted out for presents so I would say that I am about 85% of the way there.

I am having a big group for dinner 11 people and the baby - so have plans for second table, and some surprises for those coming. Have an idea for a little jar with small notes in it and everyone can pick a little slip and they will have an instruction, like tell us what was your best gift this year, or what you are most grateful for this year or even give someone at the table a compliment (like what a lovely dinner I cooked!!). So working on that list too. (Bet they can't wait to come here for dinner now)

The above card was one I liked, the Sizzix die is a lovely one and I migh be making a few more of this type of card and it like the balance and colours.

Nite all, had a hard time blogging, as blogger not playing nice. So going to iron the uniforms for tomorrow and get sorted for the morning.....

More to come soon. Ta Michelle

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Anonymous said...

good woman michelle great to see you updated blog im sooo happy.thank you for a lovely nite giving me a master class in crafting , love love love millies stocking four matching socks so all happy in my house

Anonymous said...

You sure have been a very busy ELF!!!!

Love your ideas and your cards are fab.. as are the stockings

Anonymous said...

sorry michelle that last post was from Lisa... cant get access to my account.

Carmen said...

Loving your cards especially the thank you one with all the twine/string. Just lovely.

Claireliz said...

wow love everything on here. especially the family christmas card.