Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Small post - not planned but hey ho!

I am a bit of a Duracell bunny, always on the go and rarely veg in front of the telly, you might find me knitting, ironing, cleaning or like tonight, out in my office watching telly on the computer and working away on my craft projects. Even when out in the office I have a list of things that I want to do and keep working away on it. Anyway, I got one of those ideas that you just have to put all other things aside and work on it and frankly I blame Lisa Bearnson! In one of CK magazines there was a bit about helping out in school and maybe giving the teacher a break and making up packs of cards for the kids to make. So this idea popped around my head and I made up a simple card and sent them off to a most appreciative teacher today! Cut the hearts on the Cricut (Home accents cart!) and printed the gray sentiment - From you love bug inside the card so the little ones can write over it and look fab for the mums. The chocolate bugs are from a pack in Tesco, 13 for €1.38, so all in all took about an hour and gave everyone smile.

Working on my cupcakes - made 3 batches and tonight I am happy to say the receipe has been found the icing works and I am a happy bunny. Dh has taken bags of them into work, the ones we did'nt like and I think these ones are keepers - half the batch gone already!!

Guess who paid a visit - Millie Moo! She is just such a doll and my camera just loves her but my new Canon 7D would even love her more!! (hint hint!!)

I am in awe of her, she is such a little tub, with rolls of loveliness and fat face and pudgy hands. Nothing like the skinny, tube fed rossie we love and adore - Millie, is just pure baby personified and sooooooooo bloody good, her mother has no idea what a little cherub she has, and this baby just sleeps, smiles and eats. - Oh it's sickening!

More cupcakes and stuff early next week - Night all.....


Sarah said...

ooooohhh how cute is the little princess?? Those cupcakes look scrummy - I could do with one now with my cup of tea. Looking forward to seeing some of your knitting projects!!!

Sarah x

Sian said...

Yes, my sister has a baby like that..she doesn't know she's living! He's the most amiable baby I've ever met. Love that pink pretty.

Becky said...

Love your cards, love your cupcakes and love the baby - she is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

omg what can i say love love love the photos another fantastic blog thanks a millie xxx