Monday, March 15, 2010

Nothing for ages - then you get it all in one go.

Have had nothing crafty to share for ages, just been doing little things, not worth sharing and also preparing for stuff for my camera club, which kept me busy. Here are a few things that I did take the camera out for. Mothers day cards for my mum and his mum too.

This is a little gift for our new baby boy that was born a few weeks ago and I have it all parceled up and ready to go in the post this afternoon for them.

and the card to go with it. Have done this card before, so not reinveting the wheel here!

Had a mammoth busy week last week with no less than 12 appointments for the kids, so I was glad to see the back of that week. We had two key hospital visits which each brought with them news - not all good. My little one is staying on the feeding tube, and this will mean travelling on hols with cases of liquid food again and tubes, canisters etc for 3 weeks in USA... Not what I wanted to hear. Shannon saw her Nurologist, and she has decided to refer her for an Austism diagnosis - Aspergers we think. This was not new news, but still it kinda hurts us and although I welcome a label with open arms, as I think it opens doors and promotes understanding, the reality can be hard to deal with.

Will share more family style photos, just having some issues with blogger this morning, and it not being a nice as it can be.

Ta Michelle


Dan said...

Those flowers you made on your Mother's Day cards are lovely!

Louise said...

Loving those flowers!

Alana said...

Love the beautiful roses on your mothers day cards. Sending you hugs on the autisim possibility. My son although not autistic has issues that come under the autistic spectrum, although hard to deal with and accept at first it will help your daughter in the long run. Take carex

Alix said...

wow that first card is stunning...and haven't you been busy!

valc said...

Wow for the cards're doing a bomb with the roses. They getting better and better...can't say the same for mine but I am trying :-) Sorry to hear your news from the hospitals. It is tough going for you all. I agree what you said about the labels, I have a friend with a son who obviously (very obviously) has Aspergers but she has point blank refused to admit it. He is 23 now and because he was never diagnosed and therefor is not in the "system" he is very isolated. So where it is not easy news to hear or to accept you are doing the right thing by Shannon and thats what matters in the long run. X

Lisa said...

Love love love the first card... as you know I have copied it so thank you! The other cards are lovely as well.. and may well be copied