Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to....

This is the card I made at a crop last Thursday - it took me nearly 3 hours to make this as I just kept being distracted by the shop stock, the intersting chat and the girls who were at the table.... I am a chatty girl, and like to have fun and had my friend Elaine on one side and a crafty friend who we don't get to see very often on the other.
The card was one I made for my friend who celebrated a big birthday recently and we went to a gay night club on Friday night and OMG we had so much fun.... We danced and danced till 3am where I fell into bed and felt horrible the next night. I tend to try and not have a hangover cause hangover + kids = horrible day!

Funny the photos of the night apperared on facebook the next day and there was one photo of a brazzilian guy who actually picked me up off my feet and my face is just so shocked! I commented that I got picked up by this fab looking brazillian guy, but if he had taken me home he would not have known what to do with me.

It felt like we had crashed and landed in a different land being in a gay nightclub and no matter how old or wize I get, seeing two guys kissing and the rest is still odd to me! LOL it was a lot of fun and something we all plan to do again as we just had the best night.

Have another card to share so off to try and find a photo of it.

Night Michelle
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Scrappy~Sarah said...

beautiful card. love the colours

Debsg said...

Love the card. Great mix of colours and patterns.