Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas is HARD work!

Every year I start with great intentions.  Start shopping early, start wrapping as I go, make and freeze what I can and even start buying the non-perishable groceries in advance.  I plan the made gifts, and try and have them ready before the start of December...  Every year I have a huge panic attack that I won't be ready, that I have forgotten something huge (and generally have) and this makes the last 2 weeks stressful.

This year, I did all the above planning, and here I am in the last 2 weeks still in the same state!  What does that teach me - well no matter what I have done, or plan to get done early, the last 2 weeks are HARD work and nothing you do can make it any easier!

So out come the lists - divide my nights out to complete one task, and make the time work for me.  I am so glad that the X-Factor is over cause I just could not waste another hour on the couch watching it.  My Saturday and Sunday nights were just taken over with TV and not crafting.

Here is a card that I made for the Crafty Bloggers Challenge blog - I love the simple design of it,

The papers and ribbon were left over and sitting on my desk from the kit I got from Handmade Hannah, and I had the leaf punch out for another project.  So the card just fell into place.  The little birdie is from a Myra Road set, and I inked it and covered it with Glossy Accents.  The NOEL was from a Making Memories Alpha set.

See the little leaves sit up and surround the ribbon, but after being squashed in an envelope it won't look like that!

I have a lovely project I want to share with you, but just waiting on a quiet moment to photograph it and post it here.

My new motto will be Stress Less, do More!


Julia Dunnit said...

Hmmm, it's a great motto, but I fear for you! I had a manifesto to be finished with the NEED to craft by 15th....and am scraping it a bit now!! Good luck...i fyou can, thrive on the stress and ENJOY!