Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Making the most of it when I have it!

The run to Christmas and then Christmas was a bit of blur - sick kids, sick mom, accident and surgery and family time meant that I was not as prepared for Christmas as I wanted to be and then after I just enjoyed doing family stuff with the kids.  Once they all went back to school life went back to normal, and I caught up with the house and now I seem to be able to find a little time to craft.

To get the creative inspiration, there is nothing like a deadline or challenge to get your craft on!  So a friend asked if I would make a name garland for her niece / god daughter, and as I was invited to the Christening it was a great chance to make a gift for the baby.  Unfortunately, I cannot make the Christening as I am taking photos at a friends wedding blessing on the same day, I was so happy to be able to make the garland.  Truly, I sat there looking at the supplies, and was not feeling it at all, and then after getting some chipboard out of the press I then realized where I was going and what I was doing.

The paper I used was one I picked up in a pack from Ikea - and they are on special at the moment, probably cause they did not sell very well.

I punched a lot of strips for the edging and ruffled them and glue gunned them in place - no better glue to hold them!  Sticks and sticks of glue later they were all in place and I cut the name out using my Cricut machine - it's such a fab machine that I need to use a bit more because it is amazing!

Close up of each of the hearts and I used a new Martha Stewart punch I bought in USA it's a collection of small flowers that I pushed and layered up and topped with pearls.  They added just the right amount of embellishment for the garland.

This card has been made a few times by me - only on special occasions as it takes so much time to make.  Around 50 small had made roses on this card, 4 colors and some embellished with little pearls.  I love how this cards looks, it is worth all the effort.

Close up of the rolled roses....  I did a tutorial here of how to make them, they are really easy and once you know how to make them they are a fab addition to crafty projects.

Two girls who I love and admire need two special cards for their 20th Birthdays - I came across this dress tutorial on Pinterest and had to have a go.  Love the cards for the girls, all they need now is the addition of the birthday money inside and they are good to go.

I hope the inspiration has not gone and it stays around for a while, as I love it so much and really love making time to make things.  


Julie M said...

Gorgeous work, Michelle - I am very intrigued by the IKEA papers, didn't know they did papers, will have to make a quick detour there very soon!

Julie x

Anonymous said...

I love to see all your cards and paper crafting - so clever, so special, keep up the good work.

Pam xx