Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Life can sometimes be GOLD!

Me - First time at the new O2 arena....

Elaine beside the Audi sign - more of a hint for her DH!!

This post is for my lovely friend Debbie who won two tickets to see Spandau Ballet on their first concert after splitting 20 years ago. Poor Debbie got Swine Flu and just cannot get out of bed and she gave me the tickets and I was just so thankful (so very thankful!!) She won them on the radio and we were on the guest list. Spandau Ballet called the new tour Reformation, which I think is a great, strong name and the evening was great.... Photos below tell the story of the night, but we were just in front of the security men and he had full view of us, and allowed all the other people take photos with their small digital cameras, but they did not like my taking out my big Canon, and the irony is that they have great zoom lens and could probably see the label on their underwear - and my camera could not see that sort of detail. The small campacts could also record the whole concert where I could not... So I had to sit with it on my lap and could only take photos when the guy turned around or left his spot.

Even in the end of the night, when they were all dancing in the aisles and the security were mad busy they still gave out to me for taking photos...Arriving on stage with the Sheer curtain in front of them....


Bernie said...

wow! Fantastic photos! Am so jealous! DH & I went to see Tony Hadley and Martin Fry in a joint thing a few years back which was OK (great voices but the music was too loud for the voices in the venue - shame), but would love to see the whole band together!!
nice sweetie jar too btw!!
Bernie x

ScrappyDandyDoo said...

Wow fabby pics - well done :D
Would love to see them after all these years!!
We had an 80's revival gig locally recently - Paul Young was drunk, Toyah was amazing, But Rik Astley was awesome!!!
I miss the 80's LOL
Julie xx