Friday, November 20, 2009

I've been busy - again!!

My life is a bit mad sometimes, with the two little ones who are just a handful, I have to literally bargain time away to do anything like food or Christmas shopping. I really had to stretch myself to get time to do these photoshoots, the above one is one of my friends, sisters new baby and her big sister... The baby was only a few days old, and wow she was just under 6lb in weight. Her sister arrived just as we were finishing and jumped into the last few shots. The mum is delighted and it's a great reminder of when there are so little.

The next ones are some of the photos that I took of baby Mille, (again I know!!) but she poses so well for me!! This was some taken on her Christening day, and I got some lovely ones of her big sisters (3 of them!) and the whole family, they are great to work with and are helping me learn my skills!

So two days and nearly 400 shots later, two happy families and one tired Michelle!!

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Julia Dunnit said...

Beautiful shots Michelle. And lets be honest, at least they make being tired worthwhile!