Monday, November 2, 2009

Oh the things you see at Halloween.... We had tea in pub in Malahide and this is what I spotted when I was paying the bill. I laughed and took out my camera and the guy who did it came over and asked me to buy him a pint for the photo! - now I did consider it, but at nearly €6.00 I quickly took the photo, laughed and left!

We live near the Botanic Gardens and took a trip there on Halloween to see their display and let the kids run around while the weather was dry for an hour. It was a quick drive home and into the costumes and I am such a bad mum - we kept putting off buying a pumpkin, as wanted to get one near the day, so I it would not turn to mush once carved and last a bit longer, and we were not able to find any, so kids were not impressed....
Our neighbours dog wearing the babies hat, dog happy to wear baby never kept it on!

A very quick card for my MIL, I just sat and looked and looked at this and could not get it to come together, where as I am best not making things under pressure, prefer to make them when the mojo strikes. Where as the one below was one for my mum and this one came together easy as I was prepared and had an idea what I was going to do. I even remembered from years ago how to make a ribbon rose and it sat nicely on the card.

The last one for tonight is one I made for my aunt, she likes to have a set of cards for Thank you, on hand and as she is really good at sending me magazines and stash from Florida, I like to keep on her good side and make up batches of cards for her and this is one of the set that I made, all on the same lines but different colour ways.

Night all - settling down to do a LO, (not done any for ages!) for the UKS Cybercrop, and have ordered the Mystery kit and will be planning for that too! So no cards, or mini books for me over the next few days, just LO's and boy am I happy to be doing it!


Debsg said...

Love your b&w card and the pictures are fab. The skeleton really made me smile.

Julia Dunnit said...

How beer £6 a pint? OMG I need to get out and visit a pub before they all close from over pricing!
Love your cards, the ribbon rose is just sweet.

valc said...

Love the one for your Mum. I love that layered look and the bling is fab.

Linda (UKS Gadget Monkey) said...

wow your cards are so lush, I absolutely love them... I think I would have run too if I had to buy someone a pint for £6.00 just for a photo.