Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I thought I had nothing to share....

but when I looked there are a few photo bits to show you.... My main photo share is not ready yet - still editing and had RSI and sore fingers last night but nearly there.. This image from our weekend in Drumshanbo a few weeks ago - lovely swans got bored with me when they realised I had no food and took off. My cheeky minx - who just loves the camera.... She has an BIG hospital apt. tomorrow.....
We found a funny furry catapillar and Shannon wanted to keep it, but it did'nt quite survive a hand hug from Lea....Oh dear!

and OMG what a fab face to photograph - this is Millie, she has grown and has just celebrated her 1st birthday... She is stunning and has such lovely eyes!

I have some crafty stuff too! This little notice board is currently having a makeover - it's nearly done but not ready to share, the main bits are done, but it needs something else and has been pushed aside for other stuff. This was the LO that I made for Kirsty Wiseman's wednesday night crop two weeks ago, and the one below that is the one that I made for last week.

I have more to share - something sitting on my desk that is yummy and pretty and a Halloween jar that I alterered, and want to toot myself as I got some photos used as part of a company brochure and will share that too... My phone rang and I was offered some more photo work so a happy happy bunny - just need my DH to agree to let me buy my two new lenses, I only need €2,500!!


Sandra said...

Such beautiful photos :) and stunning layout - thank you for the reminder about tonight .. now I just have to see if I understand facebook enough to join in.