Sunday, October 31, 2010

Random pics of my busy week....

Gosh this week was one big busy one.... Every day had something that I had to do, we had a photoshoot, a Wedding, a Dinner invite and Lady Gaga too. I am far too old to be out 3 nights in a row and OMG I felt so tired last night I just slobbed on the couch, but had to edit about 500+ images so still working.

I made this card for the Lovely couple Brenda and Terry who got married on Thursday - at the start I was not sure if I liked the card but in the end it turned out nicely and I was happy to give it to them. When I talked to them today they liked it so much they are going to frame it so I am really chuffed!
Photo below shows the card as it is folded up for presentation to the happy couple. Brenda and Terry just after getting married and walking down the aisle.... Ah! bless....

I took the girls on a run to the park the other day - I had great plans for lovely photos but they had other plans these are some of the shots that I got of them - different I know but I wanted them for a scrapbook LO.

Lady Gaga was just amazing - OMG she put on a fab show and here are some of the photos I took while hiding my camera from the security man.

I altered this cheap jar from Tesco, I think it cost €1.59 for the Jar and I covered the top and sides and begged some Waltzing Mouse Images from Sandie Dunne (Thanks Sandie!) and gave this into my DD's class for Halloween. Hope the teacher gave them out to the girls!

OK that's it for now - I had a fab day at our new crop venue on Saturday with all the local crafty girls and we had a great time. I worked on a book for my cousin Jennifer with the photos of her and her Fiancee Tim when they were here on hols recently and I am just about finished - Yah (I can hear my mum saying!!

It's Halloween and my girls are dressing up soon - one as a Pirate, one as Bugs Bunny and one as a "Spicer!"... (no comment on last one but I reallly want to!! LOL).

Have a spooky time and hopefully X Factor will see the numpty Wagner being voted out.....


Sandie said...

Gorgeous creations!! LOVE the altered jar, you did a wonderful job with the images.

Dan said...

Love the jar! :) (Keeping fingers crossed for Saturday and Wagner to be out! LOL)