Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Perfection in blog land??

I don't tend to watch much TV, I generally sit down late and take my laptop and have a wonder thru blog land and stop at my favourites (on the side panel .....).

The funny thing is this... these girls portray a lifestyle of perfection. I'm not sure if its just an American thing, but they say such lovely things about their kids, their "soul mate" husbands, perfect houses, perfect scrapbooking, abundant stash mountains and perfect figures (and they are so fertile (lots are pregnant!)) I HAVE ISSUES with this!!

Apart from The Pioneer Woman (whom I think is just fab!) who talks of her laundry mountain. No body calls it as it is! Bloody hard work.....

So (throwing this out ther for you all to comment!) do you blog the view that its all rosey and happy and here are the lovely things I have made or do we call it as it is - having 3 small kids, working part-time, extra curricular activities, and a more than busy day normally, it is hard as hell to get caught up and then find time and mojo to craft. Tonight I had planned to get crafty, but by the time I got the kids to bed the and took a moment to sit down, my eyes are closing and I just can't craft....

So truth time.... My house is a mess, we are getting work done and stuff is everywhere, kitchen a mess from dinner, craft room so bad I just can't work in there tonight. Bedrooms are really in a heap, and this is hurting my mojo. (Nothing a good day of cleaning won't sort out, but OMG life is just too short for cleaning all the time.)


Michelle said...

Testing as there seems to be a problem with the comments and have adjusted my settings.

Lisa said...

test page to see does this go on your comments

Lisa said...

yeah at last it worked... Now i do agree with everything you have said in your post.. and hey if anyone knows my life better than me its YOU !!!! LOL

Diana said...

I randomly found your blog as you were the blogger who commented on Dear Lizzy ahead of me and I follow a lot of adoption blogs so I came to check yours out when I read your comment.
Anyway, as a Jamaican who has lived in the US for enough years (did two turns there studying), what you are commenting on is definitely an American thing, and I think very much too an American-scrapbooker thing. A lot of it is the demographic.
Stephanie Howell does sometimes talk about her imperfect life, but even when she does that, she still seems perfect.
But I totally understand what you mean.

Kami said...

Just found your blog on Dear Lizzy - agreed. Most blogs are so fluffy and unrealistic and rarely list life's down's, but are heavy on the ups. I'm always behind and have three small children. But the most important thing is that they are loved and treated well and I figure it's okay to ignore laundry and dishes if their love tanks are full =)

Debbie said...

I was so glad to read this post!! My house is not up to recieving visitors, I have 4 kids, 2 dogs and a husband - all of who get screamed at by me on a highly regular basis. Of course I love them all to bits, but I definately don;t blog so!! Wouldn't want them to be complacent!

Debbie said...

I know what you mean michelle! lol I only post the good things on my blog with the occasional whine thrown in now and again! Heck I get sick of hearing myself saying 'pick that up' 'im changing my name from mam' 'isnt it someone elses turn to do the dishes' that blogdom is a little escape where things are rosey!! ;)

Dont be too intimidated by anyone blogging - you can bet they have a stack of washing, ironing and breakfast dishes to do too - eek!! lol

Merry Christmas