Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sneekie peeks...


It's the eve of my big furniture delivery and as with most plans things don't generally go to plan do they.  It started to snow yesterday and 7" later the schools are out till 10th January and life is not going to my plan.....  So the furniture won't arrive tomorrow and there is a big ? about Thursday and even maybe Christmas Eve.  I am not precious about it - so decided not to stress and to take what happens on the chin like a grown  up!  So no table for Christmas dinner so we will have to eat at the big island in the kitchen - a first for us, but we will cope!  Upside is I don't have to spend an hour setting up the table with my good crystal, silver cleaned etc, so one less job for me. 

I want to share some of the stuff I've made over last few days.  I made two photo books, one for Lea's dad and one for Shannon's granny, only took a photo of 1 of them and the other was different as the book was larger.  This photo album was 31cents in Tesco - BARGAIN!!!!

Inside book - sleeves hold a year's photos of Shannon....

 I made a few little boxes for gifts of 2 bottles of wine - all they need is a lovely big ribbon around the bottles...
This one is my fav - lovely red pearls on his tummy!
A gift for Shannon's Nana - a lovely christmas plate I found in Carrick Donn, with home made mince pies and a little home made tag.

This is my card that I made for my mum for Christmas - and a close up.

 Now here we come to the rooms that are under construction right now - one has the mirror up and the other waiting for "the" delivery.
Yes - no curtains yet, waiting for the sale!!!
One fairy pulled her stocking down!
 My car boot sale table all pretty - not in it's final position, but sitting happy there till we get the cream cabinet we ordered.

 My hall - the mirror got a lovely garland from Meadows and Byrne - and some new candle holders finish the look, they might even find a permanent place there.
 This evening when defrosting the car to go to collect Lea from playschool - the car had icicles on it, not surprising as it was -4 out there.

Sorry about the photo heavy post - more photos to come of stuff I just finished - must remember to photograph then before I give them all away. 

I've just made 9 batches of Cinnamon buns from The Pioneer Woman website - OMG these are just my fav thing and can't wait to try them.  Planning on baking them in the morning.  I also did a batch of spiced red cabbage and the house smells amazing.  Right I'm off to tidy up and see what damge the boys did as we just got pelted with snowballs!

Nite all.


Sandie said...

Great projects Michelle, I'm sure they'll be much appreciated by the recipients.

Just looking at your car photo made me shiver.. it's -10 here now.. brrrr!!!

Cinnamon buns sound fabulous, thanks for the link. I just LOVE the smell of cinnamon!!

Sorry to hear about the gastric tube earlier.. hope you've both calmed down. Good luck with getting it in easier tomorrow <3

Merry Christmas!!

Lainey said...

Wow you busy lady - how do you find the time!!! All stunning! Love the new decor - it will be worth the wait when the rest of it arrives! I have a xmas card here for you but with the snow I think I might email it instead! Merry Xmas xx

Scrappy~Sarah said...

some fabulous makes there :) I hope that you get the furniture soon....:)

Claireliz said...

They are great Christmas creations & gifts :D

Becky Bowden said...

Wow, so much amazing stuff!! Love all the cooking, the jars of pears are awesome. So inspirational x