Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!

I LOVE Christmas, just love it!!! My head is so full of plans and creative mojo that I could just be making and preparing 24/7 and still not finish it all in my head.  This year I am trying to be organised, trying to think ahead and have as much as I can done, but my head is stull full of plans and ideas that it hurts a little.

I have the majority of my presents wrapped, my cards gone, my teacher gifts ready and chilled in the fridge, my 15 jars of Cranberry sauce ready, my first 5 dozen mince pies made, and those special cards made too.  You would think that with this lot done my head would be clear - but NO, I am still bashing myself up that I am not ready and most nights I have a "to-do" list and tonight I just sat and did nothing apart from watching X factor.  No Kirsty and Phil's perfect Christmas is on and my stress levels are increasing as I just want to be like them - a bit like the Stepford Wives idea of Christmas...  Not good eh!!

Any hoo! - I sat beside the fire last week when we had a mountain of snow and told the kids to pretend I was not here, well if I went out to work I would be entitled to a lunch hour, and there was a week when I had the kids 24/7 and no lunch hour so it was much needed.  So I sat beside the fire and made this little card.

It was popped in the post to the lovely lady to celebrate the birth of their new baby girl - so I was just thrilled to get a text from her to say she was delighted and it was the nicest card she had every received and she was going to frame it for the baby's room...  She has her own fabulous furniture store Vobe Interiors and she asked if I sold them!  LOL I don't but I was very touched and pleased she liked it.

Actually she is the lady that I ordered all my new furniture from, using the idea that if I ordered it all from the same place and it saved me time as I don't have much spare time to travel from shop to shop picking each item, so my couches have been delivered, new lights up, and waiting for the rest of it soon I hope.  New blinds coming next week - so getting there.  Just need a bit skip for all the toys in this house!

Ramble over - off to maybe tackle something from my crafty list.  Nite all....


Annamarie said...

Beautiful card Michelle, I'm not surprised she's framing it. I don't know why you're so stressed, you're the most organised, energised person I know! Kirsty and Phil could take lessons from YOU!

Sandra said...

It's such a beautiful card. I'm with you .... I want to be just like Kirsty and Phil too LOL...oohhh and to live in that home they decorated ..aawww bliss

Dan said...

What a sweet card! :)

Scrappy~Sarah said...

That is a gorgeous card. Lovely to get some fabby feedback too from the recipient :)