Sunday, January 9, 2011

Getting to 18

I think there should be an award for parent who successfully get their children to the age of 18!  I also think that if you can give birth to a child without an epidural you should have a brand new car outside the door of the hospital with a big bow on it as a reward!  Anyway, my friend Audrey has the most wonderful goodnatured, beautiful daughter and I was asked by her best friend Lizzie to make a book for Rachael for her 18th Birthday.

I chose the Pink Paislee Sweeetness collection for the book, and when Audrey saw me working on it I saw that she was not convinced - but I think she liked the end result.
I wanted to go for a Shabby Chic look on the book, and made the little hand made flowers, and small details to keep the theme.

On the cover I ruched and sewed the ribbon in place on the acetate cover, and attached the lace and ric rack with glue - Hearts were cut from the die cut paper to create the bunting, and I glazed the letters with a Gelly Roll pen.

I am not going to show you the whole book, but bits of the book as there are lots of photos of the girls growing up and they deserve their privacy....

The At 18 page is waiting for my photos of her but as the light and weather has been horrible we will take them soon.

 Ok - It's my first time blogging on the Mac and I've had such a hard time.... This blog post is not nicely laid out, but at this moment I just want to pick it up and throw it out the window....  I will master this new machine if it's the last thing I do LOL!!!  Any tips gratefully received.

I have a card and a LO to share with you, we had a lovely crop day yesterday and I made a card, a LO and started another LO.... So very productive and happy to be in good like minded company.

Will share soon. Ta M


Julie M said...

Beautiful album, Michelle - is this the same girl you made the card for yesterday?

Julie x

Sandra said...

oh my, it's just beautiful.

Scrappy~Sarah said...

beautiful @:)

karen said...

Hi Michelle thanks for the comment.Unfortunetly I am one of those mums who popped their children out like shelling peas!! But as you know I still didn't get away from that darn epidural.
Also my house/room has always been immaculate kids or no kids.I drive them and myself mad straightening everything.As a teenager my clothes were even on numbered hangers!! Aghh.I can still grab and entire outfit from my wardrobe blind folded.Sad but true.
Loving the album.

tea_bag said...

I love the lace detail