Friday, January 14, 2011

I nearly forgot!

 In my head I had my next blog post all planned, photos and what I was going to say. (yes I am that annoying!) Anyway, I was fiddling around with some photos on my computer and trialling a new system that I can put photos into files on my Mac and then pick them up on either my laptop or office PC - it's called Dropbox. While having a play with the system I realised I had not shared the special Birthday Card that I made for my friends DD who was 18.

In real life this is a lovely little card - lots and lots of handmade flowers with tiny seed pearls in the centre.  The photo does not really do justice to it.  The card was the only thing I had in my hand to give the girl, and this was not quite what I had planned to give her!  A few days prior I gave my teenager an envelope with some money inside to bring to my neighbour's daughter, who works in Brown Thomas (a lovely department store in the city centre).  She is a fab stylish girl, who has a great eye for fashion, and she was going to get me the "perfect" gift for my friends daughter.  3 days later, I received a text from my neighbour who asked was I not interested in getting the gift as she has not received any money from me!!!!  It was just after 12 and I woke my DD who then said that she "Forgot" to bring the money! OMG I was so very cross - so after all the plans to make it right, I still failed.

My DH's niece is also 18 soon and thankfully she only wants money from us to help pay for car insurance - that is so much easier!  Note to self - add her card to the list of those you have to make.

It's been a busy week and I have just finished working on a LO / Wall hanging that I will be teaching at Anna-Marie's crop  next Thursday.  Sneekie peeks here!  But since you twisted  my arm here are two more little snaps!

Last Saturday, while I had a few hours to myself at our monthly crafty crop I finished this LO.  I started it with no photo in mind.   The pack of photos I had taken with me had very few options in it, but I found one of my DD Caoimhe on her Confirmation day.  The photo was taken just before she put her makeup on and changed out of her school uniform - love her fresh face and happy smile.

So that's it for the moment - I will miss my Camera Club night next week in favour of teaching a scrapbooking class.  I've had a really good run, in the last 2 competitions, getting placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th and ahem..... last also in my group!  Nothing like consistency eh!

Right - That's all for the moment folks, we off to the panto on Sunday (without small one! who cried thru it all last year!).  My littlest one is really in a bad way at the moment, being tube fed gives you terrible constipation problems and I have been dealing with it all week long and it's required a trip to the doctors today.  He worried and will be calling to us tomorrow to see her.  She had 2 hospital visits this week, one for her ears and the other to see the psychologists - so it's been busy but last 3 days she has been sitting on my knee and very upset, hopefully tomorrow she will feel a lot better (I pray!).

Thanks for reading!


Claireliz said...

both beautiful projects, & hope your little one is ok. (((hugs)))

Glen said...

What a beautiful card and fab layout Michelle. It must be the year for 18 year olds! One of my grandsons is going to be 18 in September! *Ü* *Sigh*. TFS. ~Glen~

Emy said...

Lovely card - those flowers are beautiful. I love your layout too :)

Jules said...

Lovely projects, the flowers on the card are gorgeous and must have taken ages to do. Your sneak peeks are intriguing too, looking forward to seeing the complete project, enjoy your class!

Alana said...

Love both of the projects but the flowers on the card are just stunning.

sutty said...

Those flowers are gorgeous and the card is beautiful. I hope your little one starts feeling better too and you don't have to do lots more hospital visits.