Sunday, February 6, 2011

Small things...

We were invited to a wedding in October - a couple who work with my DH.  During the day I took lots of photos and gave them a disc of all the good ones from the day.  Being a bit of a squirrell, I kept the invite out in my office on my craft table and it has sat there looking up at me for months -  waiting till I had time to do something with it. 

At the same time my oldest DD got fed up with the display of photos that I had put up in her bedroom and evicted the photos and frames out of her bedroom to the office, and they ended up on my craft desk too!  So yesterday afternoon I had a spare half hour when small bean was at playschool and Shannon was busy playing so I played too!  I used some older Pink Paislee papers and then just forced myself to use the wedding people decal from the invite, the ribbon and then I cut off the titles and used them too. 

The gift is now wrapped and ready for DH to bring to work with him tomorrow.  The bride and groom didnt ask for this but I think they might like it. 

Stalking Mr Postie at moment for the few new bits I have bought - hate having to wait!

An update on small bean's health.... She is going for surgery on the 11th March, she is getting her stomach peg inserted and hopefully life will improve for us all then.

Ta Michelle


Kazy1 said...

What a super gift! I love all the mini photos. Karen

Scrappy~Sarah said...

beautiful gift. All the best for 11/3

Elaina said...

A very thoughtful gift, I am sure the happy couple will be thrilled with it. I hope everything goes well for your little one and that she is returned to good health very soon.

Claireliz said...

That's lovely. Cuddles to the small one, hope she feels better after the op

Salamanda's Scrappy Adventures said...

Great present and live your grungy Boston lo too