Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dolly Rage....

Our small bean has been in strange mood since she was so very stick.  She has been so angry, so loud, screaming and shouting more than she normally does (and that's a lot!).  Her anger is mostly vented towards us but it's so funny to see her shouting at her dollies to!

These photos were taken on Tuesday when she spent about half an hour trying to put a nappy on her dolly.  Can you see the packets of baby wipes she had taken out and few minutes later she had emptied out the whole packet to use on her dolly.

I just wanted to share with you a link to a lovely girl in the USA that sells a monthly card kit - this kit lands on my door every month and I just love the cards.  Sometimes I don't get the chance to make a card and with this kit I now have a stock of cards that I can choose from and now have something for every occasion.  If you like getting packages of love in the post - this is just for you.  I think that it costs around €15.00 every month (postage! Yuck!).... but sooooo worth it!

Here is the link -

This is a little selection of the type of cards that you get in kit form - perfect for sitting on the couch and making while watching a movie!
FlowerMadeMyDayCard 1NovHappyBirthday

Go on girls - Give Shanna a go, you will love the cards!!!

Right - more real stuff soon, it's sitting on my desk waiting for mojo to return and finish it!  Have a date with a lovely 3 month old baby to take some photos on Saturday, TYPICAL Man United are playing and I have limited time with the family, but have to get back to my family... Need more hours in the day!!!

Ta M