Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fiskars Birthday....Yah!

It's Birthday time on the Fiskarettes web site.  New layout and design and loaded with inspiration for you crafters and card makers.  Have a look, loads of ideas, different takes on products you might already have and you might pick up a tip or two.

This card along with a step by step on how to make it was posted this week.

A little story on this card, there is a small part missing on the end of the label on the card, while I was photographing it in the garden the dog ran off with the card and tore a small part of it!  I did try and look for the bit but reckoned it might be in her tummy!

Been baking like mad, cupcakes about 60 every weekend for the last 3 weeks.  My daughter Caoimhe is making them too, and had to do a practical at school and made a batch for the test.  She did really well, her teacher was impressed, but she has been able to help me with them for weeks and knows exactly what to do!  She even had a stand with her to display them, piped and decorated them and had a topper and candle.

Here are the batch we made for her best friend who had a Barbie party a few weeks ago.

It's First Holy Communion season - I will share some of the photos that I've taken of the girls and boys next week.


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