Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day card and gift....

This is no help to you all, but for next year it might give you a little inspiration.  I cannot take any credit for the gift idea, I was browsing a site called Not on the High Street and I found this frame.  It was going for mad money and I thought it was a cute idea.  I also remembered that I had a bag of these Scrabble style tiles that have been in my stash for years, so in about 15 mins I had the gift made (Shhh, don't tell Eamonn and it only took minutes!)

Spare patterned paper from my scrap bag, spare cardstock and I cut a small white strip and butted the edges together to provide a frame to the word section.  The tiles are stuck on top of the plastic/glass section of the frame from Ikea for silly small money!  Easy and quick!

(Oh! sorted the dark photo - Sorry it was very bright in the kitchen and of course I was taking the photos the minute before I was wrapping it and then delivering it with a cooked breakfast on Sunday morning)....

This is the card that I made with the corrugated card that I recycled from a delivery I received.  Love the stuff!  I had cut the DAD and computer printed the sentiment.
Last few days have been so amazing.  Thank you so much for all the comments, I have very little spare time at the moment so I will get around to visiting all your blogs and returning the compliments.  I was very excited that my card was selected by Melissa Frances, but to see it showcased on their blog was just the most amazing thing.  Hopefully it will spur me on to have a little more confidence in my hobby and try to put myself "out" there a bit more.

A very humble and heartfelt thanks again!  Michellexxxx


Sandra said...

You have such a amazing creative talent, and it always surprises me when I hear someone like you being shocked how we all feel. It's so well deserved :). Loving these projects :)

Scrappy~Sarah said...

gorgeous cards :) reminds me I must use my scrabble tiles