Saturday, June 18, 2011

My happy place....

We have a very casual group of crafters who meet up to crop on the second Saturday of the month.  I don't always get there, due to family commitments, my photography, camera club, but when I do it is so lovely to be spending the day with the girls, chatting and scrapping.

Now packing for the crop is a problem for me - I stand in the office, and I start putting things into the bags and keep adding and adding till the bags are full, and I am not sure whats in there, but in my sad mind I need everything and have probably left the thing I needed the most at home.  So last Saturday, I got to spend the day with the "girls" and I arrived with my 2 huge bags and still ended up asking "anyone got gray cardstock, or a mini mister" - so have to get better at packing for crops.  I also arrived with no photos to scrap, and when I had a good rummage around in the bag I found this photo of my Mother In Law on her wedding day.  At the same time I saw one of the girls had brought her Tim Holtz dies and the idea for the Lo just came together.

I used 2 TH dies, the sewing one and the Tattered Florals that I just got for a bargain from a crafter who was selling theirs.  Some of the girls were finishing their 3rd and 4th LO and there I was still faffing around with this one.  Takes me ages, I have to go slowly, agonise about everything and try and make it perfect.  Again when I came home as there was a sewing theme on the LO I wanted to sew on the edges and the Bl00** sewing machine threw a wobble and just kept skipping stitches, getting stuck and snapping the thread.
 My little one was 3 last Sunday, we took her out for dinner (a bit of a laugh as she does not eat and has a stomach feeding system that we feed her thru tubes at night) to TGI Fridays, she loved standing on the chair and they sang Happy Birthday to her.  On Tuesday I invited some of the mums around with her friends for a little tea party.  The night before I made Brownies, and two different lots of cookies, and then after I cleaned up I went to the office and had an idea about making a string of bunting (a bit obsessed with it at moment!) and I remembered I had a few sets of Crate Paper, Paper Dolls left over, and I cut the sheets up, arranged them, and then sewed them in place using Seam binding.  After I added some of the stickers on the plain flags, it made a lovely addition to the kitchen and I love it!

After cutting the bunting out I was left with small pieces, not enough to do anything with so I punched flowers with 2 types of punches and sewed them in a string and lay this out on the party table - not the best photo but you get the idea! (It was only a small tea party, so not much on the table!)

Here is a snap of the little madam at her party - she was so excited and had great fun!  I will dress her up and get some better photos of her but the day was very busy for me, and photography took a back seat to being the party mom!


Sandra said...

Such a beautiful layout, and I know what you mean about packing for a crop lol. Your bunting is gorgeous, as is the lovely little birthday girl.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that layout, the black/white/grey background and the hot pink are gorgeous. Your party looks great.

Handmade Hannah said...

Your layout is lovely - I love the trim and the papers. Your daughter looks adorable and very happy at her party. My 3 year old is already planning her 4th birthday-she has thought about the cake, presents and games. She is 3 going on 13! :)

Pam said...

The bunting is gorgeous. Packing for a crop is impossible!!

Claireliz said...

Gorgeous layout & love the bunting.

Sue said...

Beautiful beautiful Layout!!!
Love that bunting ( and the piece of furniture under it!)
The table looks so pretty - how patient to sit and sew all those flowers!

Scrappy~Sarah said...

fabulous lo, love the bunting and table decs

Lisa said...

The bunting and the party were just fab!!!

akilli melek said...

totally get the crop packing issue! love the layout

Ela said...

I find your layout really wonderful!
Greeetings from germany