Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Grab box heaven....

The thing I like about kits and grab boxes is that you have no idea what's in them.  When I have been in a monthly kit club, I never looked at the site to see what was coming, I always wanted the joy of opening the kit, and stroking the papers, and un-peeling the layers of stash.  I might sound weird, but happy to sound that way as I so very much enjoy the surprise element of each kit.

My hands were itchy to get going over the weekend, but I needed to spend some time on this house, and shopping to get the kids dressed for a wedding we are all going to in September (Hi Jen & Tim!).  So when I finally got to pick up the box from the post office I just dropped all motherly and housewifely chores and played happily with the stash!  I have already been working on a project and tutorial which I will post this week, so I wanted to share this LO that I made.

Apart from Scrapbooking and Paper crafting, I am really into my photography, and was the main photographer at a Wedding recently, and helped out with another friends wedding a few weeks ago.  I have been making a Photo Book for the Bride & Groom and my head was just full of the photos.  When I opened the box I realised that inside was the Crate Paper Wedding die-cuts and stickers and that just sealed the deal for me as Hannah must have crawled inside my head and seen what I was working on as this was just perfect.  So all first plans for the box went out of the window and I started with a photo and a copy of her sketch and this is what I made.

The sheet of cardstock, the gem pin and ribbon were the only bits I had to add to this LO, the rest came in the box!  It was stuffed and I am cutting and sticking like mad.  The next few days will be be a flurry of posts to share what I have made and what potential there is from these boxes....  Not hard when Hannah picks such fab products.

I hope you like the LO and it might get you to scrap one of those wedding photos!

Ta M


Ali said...

Gorgeous colours and I love the contrasting flower block - really fab, and the beautiful photo too.

Claireliz said...

Gorgeous layouts, I like kits too, mainly because I usually get something in there that I probably wouldn't have thought of buying when stash shopping, I like the challenge of using things like that.

Handmade Hannah said...

Beautiful layout Michelle. Those Crate die cut elements all work so well together. I love the teal, grey and yellow colour palette. Thanks for sharing :)

Becky said...

This is gorgeous.
Becky x

mandy said...

This is beautiful and I had to comment because my story was so similar to yours, I started in Scrapbooking and then in 2007 and I took the leap and opened my own business and 4 years later I won an award for wedding photo of the year 2010, you can do it and you should definitely go for it, if you are good enough to be the main photographer then you should get paid for your talents because it's a really difficult job. xx