Friday, March 16, 2012

Lost it again!

Yup - yet again my crafting motivation has packed up it's bags and gone for a hike.  Sitting down and trying to put something together is such hard work and when it's hard I am less likely to even try.

I also have to admit that I have been dealing with a few family issues that have put me in a spin.  For other people it might be something that would not cost them a thought and they would pick themselves up and brush it off, but I am not that sort.  Unfortunately I take it all in and I am sick with upset and my poor head won't stop turning the problem over and over - but one thing I do know is that time will help and I won't feel like this for long.

This card was something I saw on one of the Papertey Ink sites - the folded banner is stamped on both sides and then folded and stuck in place.  Loved the ides so much that I had to have a go at it.

The card below is one I made at one of our evening crops - I had only little bits of the My Minds Eye papers left so it was perfect to make into a quilt style card.  It looks much better in real life but the light here in Ireland is so poor at the moment the photos look grey and dull.

This last card was the one I made and sent out for St. Patricks Day - I think I made 6 of them in the end. The shamrocks are cut out of felt and sewed into a circle and a small button put inside.     

Hopefully things will return to "normal" and I can find my lost mojo!  Wishing you all a lovely happy St Patricks Day!  

Love Michelle


Virginia said...

Oh sweetie - sending you the biggest hugs, I hope you have lots of support and help on hand to get you through something that you are obviously struggling with - will send positive vibes your way! My mojo has also gone for a walk about having been near my crafting table in almost 2 weeks - most unlike me! Love your cards - particularly the quilt style one! I hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend

Much love

sutty said...

Beautiful cards Michelle, and I hope that all the bits that are going on family wise get better and you start feeling better too and don't worry too much. I love all the cards and on that note I have popped a note on my blog giving you the liebster award don't feel you have to pick it up and pass it on, but I just wanted to let you know that I love all your creations and how beautiful they are :) Hope you had a great St Patricks day :)

Anonymous said...

Well if this is what you produce when you've lost your mojo I'm in awe. I wish I'd got a tenth of your talent. Keep going girl you are amazing. xx

Maria Jordan-Lloyd said...

Hi Michelle, yup agree with last comment! When my mojo is gone it's gone! Love the banner - must check out Papertrey for some ideas. The princess card is adorable. My motto, taken from the penquins in the movie Madagascar is "smile and wave boys, smile and wave" - I find it helps me out anyway.

Pauline Power Burke said...

Hi Michelle,
Your cards are just beautiful. I love your blog design and the little cutie that features in the photos as well. I am following you.Have a great day.
Pauline x