Monday, April 9, 2012

.....working my way back to you......

Been a while - so sorry but here is a little update....

OK not much crafting going on - even a full morning with the girls crafting could do much for my mojo, I pushed paper around tried to make a card and then covered the pages of a mini album that has sat on my desk since.  So maybe in the next few days when the kids go back to school things will get back to normal.

Two weeks off school = 2 weeks of play referee!  Seriously no fun for all of us, after 2 days I de-camped to Leitrim with the girls and we arrived home just in time for Easter and there is a basketball camp planned for 1 little bear tomorrow which will help.

So what have we been doing...  Well I found a local pet shop that has some Meerkats and I adore them so I have been going to visit them....I think I like it more than the kids!

I have taught myself to crochet - so this has been keeping me busy at night when I would normally go to the office and play with paper.  Without any plan I tried to crochet a granny square and when I got the hang of it, I went and got some lovely cotton and as the plan came together in my head I needed 96 squares, and over 30 balls of cotton.  Its been a labour of love and really good therapy and the helped to get me over my little "moment"!  So it's nearly finished, just small bits of string to be tied off and sewen in place and I will be able to do the big reveal.

Crocheting is great for passing the time early morning when you are forced to watch Blues Clues on Netflix at silly o'clock.

 We went on a picnic to Powerscourt waterfall and had such a fab day. 

I got a new camera (so spoiled but adore it) so I was able to get the use of a hotel room for an afternoon, and two willing (fab fab fab!!!) models and I styled and shot a Boudoir photo shoot and OMG I had so much fun.  I just want to sit and edit and swoon over the images, which turned out better than I could have ever wished for.  (Just before I left I had a mini moment thinking I had bitten off more than I could chew and I was in over my head but so glad it worked out).  On the same week I got to photograph a lovely new baby boy and OMG baby J gave me a workout!  Not your normal sleepy, limp limbed baby, this boy was wide awake, not happy to be posed and had already gotten control of his arms, legs and head!!!  This time I had a serious mini moment and wondered if I was going to have anything to show Baby J's parents!  Will promise some photos but have to be sure parents and models are happy for me to share.

As they say - I WILL BE BACK!  Next time I will share some crafting that I did before my dry spell and some stuff I did for a design team (I resigned recently as I felt this coming on!).

Thank you for everyone who kept stopping bye - I hope you will keep coming!

Nite all!