Friday, May 11, 2012

Mastering time management!

Time is funny - my motto is generally to stuff as much as I can into a day and keep going till I fall down.  The last few months have been particularly hard, and probably due to a steep increase in the amount of photography requests coming my way - and if you have a moment pop over and see what I have been doing!

So what have I been doing?  Well school runs, hospital visits, meetings, school gym and dancing displays, baby shoot, running all over ireland on a wild goose chase, Parent council meetings, preparing for the schools First Holy Communion, making cards (6 in one session!) etc. etc. etc....  I cannot remember the last night I just sat on the couch and relaxed!

This is me at a recent wedding I had the pleasure of taking the photos for - just a quick snap a friend took with my camera and the other one on my shoulder!  (Note I did not liquify my body, to make me smaller, but I was tempted!!)

 I am keeping up with the Project Life - just about 10 days behind now but a night on it will sort that out and we all love it!  It's such a fab thing to do and the girls love lookign at the photos of themeselves, but I have to say the plastic folders are a bit flimsy and not as tough as I would need them to be.

Some recent card to share - loads more to photograph but it's been raining non stop here and need a nice bright day.



Elisa said...

You could be mistaken for a guest if it wasn't the big camera! And you most definitely do not need liquify.
Hope you have a nice weekend!