Saturday, October 20, 2012

Paper Chamfer frames.....

Recently I have become obsessed with MME Miss Caroline collection of papers with wooden floor design on it.  I have used it a lot lately and kept a few bits on my desk already cut for another project that I ended up not needing them for.

Again I played with a chamfer edge and made a frame to go over a very small canvas that I painted and spritzed and prettied up and then decided to cover 98% of it with paper!!!

(Agh my logo - Sorry!!!)

Back to the frame - it was a slow process, just playing with it for a few minutes a day when I had a moment.  It had no purpose or no deadline until my cousin and her partner came over for a weeks holiday and then I knew that it would be getting a home with a photo of them taken on their trip to Ireland.  (Ironicially we had 1 hour to get somewhere to take a photo and we scooted to Malahide where it was overcast, dark, drizzly and misty!) but we took some photos, they were not great but we got what we got!

I raised the edges of the wooden paper frame up a little to give dimension and then layered some Papertrey Ink die cut flowers up and stacked them on the edges.  Some colored pearls gave the flowers a lift and I felt it needed a splash of color so I added the butterfly and the title.

Here is the nearly final result!  I finished it and had it sitting in the kitchen for a couple of hours and kept glancing at it as I thought it still needed something.  There was a tiny little tag left sitting on my desk and I added it to the top right of the photo (below) and at the same time mad a small flower shaped tag and just before I packaged up the frame to give it as a gift, I added a small tag nestled inside the paper flowers as I thought it needed a pop of the warm red.

Yet another Papertrey Ink order is on the way to us again - really adore that stuff but I console myself with the cost of the purchases as I really do use the stuff!  The dies that cut the flower, the tag die and stamp and the title sentiment and die were all Papertrey Ink.

Not much else sitting on my desk at the moment, apart from some tags which are not very interesting and some cards that you may not have seen, but I hope to share some more interesting stuff soon.


Sue said...

That is STUNNING- gonna have to get me some of that paper!!

Ali said...

That is really pretty. You've made a beautiful item to treasure.

fatmonica said...

I love this frame.It's stunning-and a perfect way to show off that photo.

Claireliz said...

What a gorgeous frame.
C xx

Elisa said...

Love it! Gorgeous papers and you used them beautifully.
I was thinking the same re:PTI. I love their sentiment stamps and use them a lot.