Sunday, October 7, 2012

Use it or spend hours looking for it!

Things that make me happy!  Happy kids laughing....a clean house and making things!  There are many many more but these 3 are worth sharing today.  So I ventured out to my craft room the other night, and sat down to make a few cards.  It's been a while since I had the time or interest in making anything and I sat down and played.  

Now I would be ashamed to show you the first card that I made - not me, very strange and will not be shared, but the second card was one I was happier with and came together a little easier than the first and I am not ashamed to show you.

It ticks all my normal boxes, pretty (tick), neat (tick), happy colors (tick), creative (little tick!).  I like it, and it was a start and felt a little bit happy and soothed inside when I finished.  I needed to make a 50th Birthday card for a man - not an easy task for me as I find it hard to do cards for me.  So off I went into Pinterest for a look around and half an hour later I got a start point and this card was what I came up with while leaning heavily on Pinterest.

Using the My Minds Eye Miss Caroline collection I made a chamfer edge frame from the wood design papers and added the tickets on the side.  I was happy that the card was masculine enough for the receiver (Happy Birthday Peter!) and pretty enough for me to be happy to give it away.  

My teen and her friends celebrated their fab Junior Cert results and had a lovely night out!  We had a little party for them before they headed off and took some photos of them with their mums!
Shannon turned 8 and had a HUGE party here at home with all her class mates invited and a magician to keep the 30+ of them amused!  Before the madness I got a few moments to snap some photos of the two small girls.
 Last week I got to do something really fun - I was asked to take some photos for my husbands company of the cockpit layout of their new plane - it had to go on a test flight and instead of getting off and waiting for them to come back to Dublin I got to fly in the jump seat with them!

Lots of fun experiences for all of us!