Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Where have you been?

Yes you might ask where have I been!  I wanted to try and explain the series of events that kept me away from blogging but decided that a photo line might explain the long absence.....

Travelled to Florida on a plane!

Visited the mouse in his house....

Did loads of this till we got hit with a tail end of a hurricane!

 Tried to tame this mad child with the angelic face!

Took some photos for a friend's Christening

Took photos for our Christmas Card

Met this charming young man!

Baked this massive Salted Caramel and Chocolate Birthday Cake and threw a party (Never AGAIN!)

Photographed this show - AMAZING and Megan (daughters BFF) stole the show.....

Two bold girls got a delivery of an Elf to tell Santa how good or bad they have been!

Hosted an Elf - Froddle for a month who caused havoc but also entertained us!

Got to work with a model and some new lighting skills

Met this little lady who was a little dream

Shannon had to have emergency surgery on a tendon in her hand after a sisterly fight with a glass Christmas Santa - 4 days before Christmas, the 7 stitches come out on Friday!

Got over Pneumonia just in time for Christmas!

 Delivered these just in time for Christmas to a happy Tommie

Happy Christmas and New Year from me to you!

My wish for 2013 is less drama, more fun, great family days out, happy kids, a calm home and secure jobs for us all!

Love Michelle xxx


Elisa said...

Happy New Year to you to!
Hope you had great holidays, love all your photos (baby's ones are just precious) and your girls look gorgeous.
Your life is never boring :-)

Jo said...

absolutely lovely to have you back Michelle... fantastic post!