Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Scrapbook for a woman celebrating her 100th Birthday

Presentation box - lace trimmed and satin bow with tassles

Last year I was asked by a friend Karina to make a Scrapbook for her granny as she was just about to celebrate her 100th Birthday - she gave me all the old photos that she had about her granny and a quick run thru who was who and what was happening in her life. I scanned and repaired all the photos and used copies for the scrapbook.

The whole thing was daunting - doing justice to the book, I had never done vintage beofre, the presentation, how I would lay it out, what to use? Ah, the only way to stop worrying was to start it and get on with it. So I took it one double page at a time, and worked when I could on it. When it was finished I thought it needed a box to keep it in and keep it safe - so made on with the bits leftover.

The lady had a big birthday celebration, and when she got this gift she cried with the memories and the thought that went into the gift, so well done Karina for all the leg work, and I was proud to be part of ther celebration.

Front cover - finished after the Birthday Party as we wanted the Birthday Girl!
Hand written note from my friend to her Granny and the first picture of her as a teenager.
Early photos.

There is a hidden tag with the story about her promotion to being a nurse Sister and then being asked by her husband to get married and she had to decide between career and marriage as you could not work if you were married back then.
Wedding days - her's and her sister

They have 5 children and a tag for each one and their dates of birth and names

Thanks for looking....


Julia Dunnit said...

It's lovely, a triumph in every respect! And doesn't the birthday lady look spry! Wow, 100.

Elin said...

That's gorgeous! You wouldn't have guessed you hadn't done vintage before! No wonder she loved it!

voodoo vixen said...

You have done yourself and the lovely centerian proud, what a fantastic gift, its beaatiful.

Angie said...

You have created a wonderful heritage book. How many memories must be stored in her heard ... I would want to talk and listen to her for hours.

Lainey said...

Michelle it's absolutely stunning. I can see why she cried. She must have been so touched by the hours of work that went into it! She seems to have lived an interesting life. What a treasure to have!

cannycrafter said...

Great job! I love the colours, scrapping heritage photo's is a great thing to do x

Karina said...

Thank you so much, Michelle, for making such a beautiful gift for me to give to Grandma on her 100th Birthday. She was very emotional looking at it and the tears started when she opened the very first page and saw herself as a young woman sitting on a giant haystack! She truly loved it and it brought back many fond memories for her. Thanks to everyone for all the ovely comments. Michelle truly deserves them!