Monday, September 14, 2009

weekend fun...

I had a lovely day on Saturday with my crafty friends at our local crop, only a 5 min walk from my house. Instead of taking the class, I decided to work on the all bits of things that I wanted to get done and had a lovely few hours of crafting, shopping and chatting (thanks to Julie and Marlen for keeping me company!). I worked on finishing a book for baby Layla (see blog posts below) and I started a book for my DD who just started school with a page per school year to mark all her teachers and photos of her each year.... Will post soon both as soon as I clear my camera down.

I also visited my friend who just had the most adorable baby Millie on Friday morning. Wow what a stunning baby, will ask her if I can post some of her baby photos that I took at the hospital on Saturday night, but wow what a little stunner... Above is the card that I made for her mum with my homemade wings, not sure if they look like wings but they worked for the card.

On Sunday the sun was shining and I got them all out of bed and we headed into town for a walk along the river Liffey and had brunch before we headed off for DD (age 5) birthday party. The grumpy nearly-teenager was in a strop and took off and I snapped this one of her "Walking the line!" on the new Luas tram tracks. We found out that this section of the tram track opened yesterday just as we arrived, so the first tram was just about due when she was walking on it.

DD got a new bike for her Birthday, and OMG what hard work it is getting her to ride it, she has a few issues and this makes this sort of skill hard to do, but DH was on hand to provide her a steady hand and with time she will get it - just adding to her bruises on her legs, she really looks like a boy who has been playing football all day long!
On the way back to the car we stopped by CHQ to have a look in the expensive shops that these nut and bolt monsters and robots were on display. They were just fab to look at but the little ones did not like them at all, I just snapped and snapped but won't bore you with all the images, but these ones were just the sort of details that I love - wow to be able to make stuff like this out of junk is quite a skill, something that I would love to be left to do someday....
Knitting like mad at the moment, hand feeling better and now that baby Mille is here, have to have her gifts ready for her, so hopefully will be able to share all my crafty stuff with you tomorrow.

Ta M