Friday, March 4, 2011

Bogged down with "stuff"

Truely I cannot tell you what I have been doing - really the weeks fly by and the days all melt into one big blob of mommydom.  What I can tell you is that I:
  • rubbed snotty noses
  • dispensed spoonfulls of Capol and Nurophen
  • did mountains of laundry
  • worked at my proper job
  • went away for the weekend
  • crafted a little but not stuff that I'm too proud of
  • tried to keep house tidy
  • brought small girls to appointments
  • kissed boo boo's
  • negotiated many truces between the warring factions....
  • & tried to sleep but my back is not good at moment so my bed is not my friend
Really time is something that I find seems to fly by - whizzing past and I don't feel like I am living in the moment, rather the days are being run and managed by others and not the ones that should be doing it.  I run on busy 90% of the time and sometimes my body and mind need time to stop and smell the flowers.  The last few days have been me reaching for the last of my reserves and gosh I feel so low - tired, worn out and impatient.  So weekend here I come and OMG I am going to try and repair and try and do something that might renew by flagging spirit.

Right - whinging over....

I had great fun taking photos of Miss S - wow she has the most expressive face and magical eyes.  She is a dream to photograph and these are a few of the ones from the session.  Her brother Mr W was a charmer and I will share him soon.

A couple of weeks ago I photographed an 11 week old baby Miss C - her photos turned out so lovely, I will share one of them with you but will show more soon....

Crafty stuff being done too - some St. Patrick's Day cards and some 50th Wedding Anniversary cards that I made for a frined, so have been busy but will share soon.

Nite all - and Audrey, I told you I was blogging!!!


audrey o rourke said...

ok i believe you about time too only jokin lovely photos as always xxxx

Lisa said...

Fab photos!!!!