Sunday, March 27, 2011

2 special cards

As I might have mentioned, last week was a bit of a crafty frenzy.  I had lots of projects all to be ready for Wednesday, and I worked late lot's of nights to get them all done.  The main parts for me are the cards.  Making a nice card is a very personal thing for me.  I could take up to 2 hours for me to get a card looking like I want it, so when you invest that amount of time, you really hope the card is personal and styled with the recipient in mind.  (soap box rant over!).

This card was for my friends DD Saoirse, who turned had her 1st Birthday party.  The papers are from a kit that I bought ages ago the papers are from a name I don't know much of, but liked the little girl style of them from Brenda Waldon Designs..  The card kinda fell together after I saw a ruffled paper blog entry on UK Scrappers, and I just LOVE ruffles so had to have a go.  I used some of the big delivery I got from The Ribbon Girl of seam binding, which I just love love love!

My second card is a version of a card that I saw in one of my old Card Trends books.  The papers are from Prima, lace could be Prima too and the lovely pin was from a shop on Etsy and more seam binding to add to it.  I did a bit of machine stitching on this card too.

My little one had surgery on Friday to have a Stomach Feeding Peg installed, and she is home today and on the road to recovery.  Spending the weekend in the hospital in Dublin with her was like spending time in a Russian Orphanage, no chairs for the parents to sit on, nurses too busy to get you a glass to give your child a drink from, you cannot even go a get something to eat as the nurses are too busy to mind your child, even tho have been at that childs side for over 24 hours and not eaten a thing, and you cannot take them down to the canteen with you as it's not allowed.  The canteen is now only opening for short hours too due to the receession.  The TV was not working in the ward and there was not even enough room at the side of her bed for a chair - I was intruding on the space of the person to the side.  OMG it was such a horrible ward.  I will be playing catch up all day today with laundry and getting the house back to normal.  Have a lovely weekend.

Ta M


Handmade Hannah said...

Beautiful cards - love the lace detail on the second one. Hope your daughter is feeling okay today. Hospitals can be terrible places. I always find them way too hot and packed in.Hope you are getting back to normal now :)

Wendy said...

I really love your cards sooo pretty, keep meaning to have a go at the ruffled paper after seeing it on Hannahs Blog, looks really effective. Sorry about your dd hospital stay, Ive had a lot of time waiting in hospitals with my Dad and know how stressful/worrying it is. Hope your back to normal now.

Scrappy~Sarah said...

beautiful cards :)

Sandra said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the awful time you had recently, and I hope your daughter is on the mend soon.

Beautiful cards, and I agree with you totally, to give a handmade card is to make a card with love.

Emilie said...

Those cards are gorgeous!

Jules said...

Gorgeous cards, especially the second one, so pretty! Thanks for your comment on my blog - scraplift away! I'm chuffed that you want to :D

I hope your DD is on the mend soon, time in hospital is never fun but your weekend sounds awful :(

Jenny said...

Lovely vintage feel to your cards.
Hospitals are not great places are they especially when your tending a child, although our experience wasn't too bad X

Lisa said...

Lovely cards... love the first one but then I am pretty biased about this one as I know the recipient absolutely loved it and it will take pride of place in the little girls memory box.

Glad the little bean got over her surgery well.