Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Life is funny...

A few months ago I made a card, I put the card on my blog and for some reason also put the card on my gallery in Two Peas in a Bucket.  The next morning I got an email from a girl in Australia, and some notifications of comments on the card.  Eagerly I opened the comments and they were kinda snippy, and this girl was a bit annoyed with me as she thought that our cards were similar (they were!) and hers was in the gallery ages, and if I had copied it, then why didn't I credit her.  Well I looked at the cards and, Yes!, they were similar, and I had seen one of the things that she had made as it had been featured in the gallery and it was a stunning midnight blue and navy floral Christmas wreath.  Absolutely STUNNING, and it was from that wreath that I took my inspiration and the card came from there.

Anyway - I took time to consider my reply to this lady, I picked my words and within moments of sending the email I got a reply....  My email had explained that I had not seen her card, just her wreath and was blown away by how beautiful it was.  She replied "Thank  You" and if I did lift her idea, it's nice to credit - and our emails went back and forth for a day or so, each time talking a little bit more about our scrapping, crafts, photography and family. 

We outgrew Two Peas and moved to emails and Facebook, where we now talk on the live chat and exchange emails regularly.  Anyhoo - my point is that the old adage "When you get given Lemons, make lemonade!" comes to mind. 

Kathy is now a really good friend, and our lives are quite similar.  She has been rocked with life changing news and is trying to come back from it, but I know she is strong and can take what has been thrown at her.  So life is funny - from snippy email to good friend, and a really good type of happy.

Right - It's ages since I shared some crafty stuff.  I have been working on stuff, 35 cards for a 50th Wedding Anniversary party, and a bunch of St. Patrick's Day cards, 4 for my mum to give family and 8 for me to give to friends and family who are far away.  I will share the St. Patricks Day Cards nearer the day, but here are the cards that I made for my friend Sinead, she is arranging a party for her mum and dad.

Simple Black and White cards, I had given 3 samples to pick from and this was the one they selected.  It was an easy card to replicate and gave my new Hero Arts flourish stamp (a gift from my friend Elaine!! Many thanks hon!!) a really good first use.

Editing and editing photos at the moment....  finally up to date and need to burn some DVD's but the IDVD on my Mac is playing silly beggers...  Need help from a Mac Master, anyone know any?

Have a good day all.  Small bean having her surgery on Friday hopefully (she has a cough and not on form so hopefully she will be well enough).  Teenager going to see Justin Beiber tonight the excitement is HUGE!  Her friend met Willow Smith (Will Smith's daughter) choreographer in town and he is going to take them backstage!!  Hope this works out cause there will be 2 very disappointed teens if it goes wrong.....



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