Tuesday, April 13, 2010

OK who stole my mojo!!??!!??

Not sure what has happened, but have had very little interest in making and creating. Had the kids off for two weeks and by the time they went to bed, I was shattered and not feeling in the mood to be creative. The above card was one of a bunch I made for the teachers to say Thank you for all the care they give my DD and was given with a little box of chocolate for Easter.
My friend's daughter was 13 and I got a very quick moment with her (2 or 3 mins to be exact!) and snapped a few photos of her to make the moment and threw together this frame for her.
This little beauty has a really long story - but the short version is that she is only 2 weeks old, is really suffering and is sick in hospital. The poor little mite has had a really bad start so far, but she is coming thru it and she was in my thoughts the other night as I put together this painted cavas for her the other night and gave it to Lisa her foster mum - if you have a spare moment, send a little prayer her way as she could do with a little bit of help!
Some little snap-shots of my family, above my little kitchen helper who is chopping the mushrooms for soup, which she would never eat, but loves to help, completely dressed for the job!! Below is the little madam with a ponytail (struggling to find another word for it! LOL!) on the top of her head, and her face tells the story that she was not happy, and it only lasted for the photo moment. OMG she is sooooo strong willed and no was was she letting me do anything with her hair. God help us when she gets older!!
I had some fab news - Oh I was so happy and proud. I did blog that I had joined a camera club and I found it hard to make friends, just sat and watched and then jumped in my car and went home. Anway, they had asked for submissions for a panel of photos for the club to submit to the IFP National Competition and one of my photos was selected!! Yah!! It's a big compliment for me and I am thrilled as I've only joined and in the Intermediate group.

Ta ta for Now!!!


Debsg said...

Congrats on the photo. Well done. Great post.

sutty said...

Congratulations on the photo - that is great news. So much to look at in your post - love the canvas of the little baby - she looks beautiful, and I hope she gets better and stronger over the coming weeks. Love your kitchen helper too, and the outfit is great - made me smile. TFS


Sandra said...

Sending love and prayers for the little one, it breaks your heart when you hear about their struggle. Anway, way to go :) ... great news on the photo front. They'll all be fighting now to speak with you. Go on, take the plunge just chat to someone - pretend you're talking to a blogging friend.

Actually, I can't believe your title ... no way have you lost your mojo, with that layout ... card, and photo ... I'm thinking a new title needs to be given :)

Glen said...

Cute bunny card, cute photo, cute canvas - cute everything. Your mojo looks perfectly fine to me. *Ü* Thoughts and prayers for the little baby. TFS. ~Glen~