Friday, April 30, 2010

Millie's Book & Presidentail visits - Wow!!

OK - I owe Millie's mum a big APOLOGY.... This book has been sitting on my desk for ages, first I had no chipboard, then I had no BIA wires large enough, then I had to wait for Anna Marie's shop to get more cardstock, then I needed photo paper, so it went on and on and on..... Finally I finished it, and added more blank pages at the back for her to put in the updated photos as I take them.

Millie's sisters (3 of them!) wrote her a little note when she was born and painted pictures for her so I cut them out and added them to the book.

On Tuesday our Persident Mary McAleese visited my daughters school. The school was prepared with new paint, polished floors and scrubbed girls! The little ones waited for her outside and waved flags on her arrival.... Inside she visited 2 class rooms and then spoke to the bigger girls in the hall. Wow, she was a lovely woman and kept the girls attention and spoke to them like any mom would. I asked and was allowed to photograph her visit to the school.

Our Camera Club's B&W Panel for the IPF National Competition came 6th and one of the judges judged my Surfer in the Mist photo 49 out of 60 points. Not bad! It's the long weekend here, off work on Monday and planning an assult on the clothes stored in the attic! Feels good to be getting into it and hopefully by tomorrow morning the bulk of it will be recycled and I may be able to find everything!

Have a great weekend....


Donna said...

The book is gorgeous and there are some fabulous photos in there.

Jenny said...

That is a beautiful book. I like that you've got the kid's feelings about their new sister too :)

Debsg said...

Beautiful book. I am sure it will be treasured.

ScrappyDandyDoo said...

Awwww this is gorgeous :D
Julie xx

Katy said...

Pretty book :)