Saturday, February 4, 2012

Challanged by the Orient....

The current challenge on the CBN is Oriental!  This was not a happy place for me, I put off making the cards due to lack of inspiration, and then after a quick root thru my stash I found a set of stamps I had won and they came in so very useful.

This first card was one I started and struggled to finish....  It just would not come together for me, and I left it down.  The base for this card is a piece of packaging from some Prima alphas.  It just seemed right for the card, and was the colour that I wanted. 

So with time running out, and the card set aside on the table, I started to make another card, with a hope that I could actually finish before my deadline.  The same set of stamps and here is what I came up with.

Once this red and black card was finished, I was able to look at the first card with fresh eyes and saw what it needed to finish it, and from having nothing to submit, I ended up with 2 that I was happy to submit... Strange eh?

The sickness is still hanging around in my house, truely fed up with it, and wish it would just pack up and leave us.  The list is growing by the day....  6 chest infections, 5 vomiting bugs, 2 throat infections, 2 sinus infections and 1 ear infection, all since Christmas day.  I think the only thing I can do is to reward myself with some lovely crafty purchases from Papertrey Ink - might be the only thing that will put a smile on my face after the horrible month we have had!

I might share my Project Life 1st month with you next....  It's not the polished and styled ones you mght see around the web, more of a nuts and bolts version, that is a direct interpretation of our family life at this time.  Which is the reason I am reluctant to show it, as it's not "souped up" and perfect as those I have seen around, but it has taken me out of my comfort zone to even do PL.  I do not like my own handwriting and typing all the journalling would be the easy way out, but I am putting my bias aside to write my journal cards and tell the stories of the days in my own handwriting.  I will mull this over a bit more and see what happens. 

Thanks for looking - your visits are appreciated!


Pam Owens said...

Fab as always Michelle I particularly like the red one that little tree is just gorgeous!

Maria Jordan-Lloyd said...

Lovely cards Michelle! I prefer the first one that you struggled with and it just goes to show that persistence overcomes resistance.

With regard to PL, can't wait to see what you have done. In years to come your daughters will love the fact that you have handwritten the journaling. I have a few cards and letters my Mum sent me years ago when I lived in the UK and South Africa and I treasure them!

Scrappy~Sarah said...

Fabulous cards :)

Maria Matter said...

beautiful makes Michelle!

scrappee said...

Love those cards - really beautiful.

cardesque said...

your aqua card is so pretty, and that Prima packaging works realy well for the Oriental theme.

talha said...

All of your cards are handsome, but the last one is the best.
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