Thursday, February 9, 2012

Project Life.....2012

I've thought about whether to share this or not, but in the end I've decided to see how this goes, and if it's ok I might share some more.

So the PL big white box was stored under my desk for the last 6 months waiting and waiting for the time to come to open it.  So after Christmas I took it out, stroked it a little (OK a lot!) and went looking for inspiration on the web about how to tackle it.  So after a little blog hopping, I got the idea and went ahead and filled the folder, added the cards and stamped the weeks with the date stamp for the whole year.

Turquoise PL Folder...

This was a cover I found on the Cathy Zielske Blog...

Week 1

Week 2

 Week 3

Week 4

Due to the fact that we foster, there are some things blanked out on the PL and  sides of the page totally left out due to the content not being something I am free to share.  But you get the idea.  I have 5 other pages waiting for some of the new plastic envelopes from USA, a story about going to our holiday home for the weekend, one about having to have our much loved cat put down, a 12x12 page with the other photos of the month of January that I have made into a collage page and will get printed to add in at the end of each month.  Also I asked us all to complete a questionnaire and this will go after the title page which gives you an idea of what we are all like at the beginning of 2012.

Feel free to click on the photos to have a better look - I am printing the photos with the same teal shade border to keep the whole look uniform.  I do a photo a day and am journaling for each of the photos.  Not exactly like it's done on other web sites, but it's the way I feel comfortable with it.

Ta M


Maria Jordan-Lloyd said...

OMG Michelle! I am waiting for my PL stuff to arrive and am feeling excited and a bit overwhelmed about where to start! This looks amazing! I think PL gives a much better picture of everyday life than can ever be captured on 12x12layouts (although these serve their own purpose and creative outlet).

Anonymous said...

Michelle thank you for sharing your project life folder it is lovely. Fiona

scrappee said...

Love your journal - wish I had the patience

Elisa said...

Good luck, it is an amazing project! Your photos are amazing and I love the border idea.