Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I am in the Christmas mood!

Since late September I have been working on Christmas project.  Some project for Making Memories (yah me!!) which will be up on their blog on 7th December.  To get inspiration I spent a lot of time looking around Pinterest..... It is just amazing!  My guilty pleasure - and I just do a happy dance inside when I see all the fab projects and photos.  Makes me want to try everything and stop and photograph everything.

Somewhere I saw a little tree - I could not find a tutorial for it, but just sat and played with some paper till I worked it out.  I've added a collage of 9 photos showing what I did - photos are dark but you get the idea.

1. Cut a circle, I used my MS circle cutter.
2. Add some glue to the back of the circle
3. Glue the circle into a half circle.
4. Ink the edges.
5. Manipulate the paper so it's easy to fold (breaking the tension on the paper)
6. With half circle in front of you with straight edge on the right, fold it over itself from left to right.
7. Use a foam dot or glue to hold this in place when your happy, and then pull the top part into place.
8. Add second foam dot to hold top part in place.
9. I love dimension, so you can see that I have this in 3D, but it looks great flat too!

So there ya all go!  Go forth and make trees!!!!


Judith said...

This is a good idea, looks amazing! Thank you for sharing!

Jo Davies said...

Wonderful idea thanks for sharing! Jo xxxx

Jo said...

This is a wonderful card.. so classy! I love these types of card.

Thank you for sharing.

Jo xx

Ali said...

These are lovely, never realised how beautiful tress could be in blue. tfs

Lisa said...

Love this tutorial. Love the idea and the finished product. What a lovely card for someone to receive. Thanks for sharing. xxx

Carin McDonough said...

Lovely card, what a cute idea!! :)

Elaina said...

Clever idea, great card.

Claireliz said...

Oh Wow! what a fab idea, thanks for sharing :D

Alix said...

oh that is the cutest little tree. tfs :0)

valc said...

fabulous card that looks a million times better if real life. How do you do it xxx

Glen said...

WOW! Fab trees Michelle. I have that MS circle cutter - it's lethal! LOL. However, I am so inspired by your cards that I may just have to overcome my fear of it and create! TFS. ~Glen~

Anonymous said...

Beautifull tree, welldone Michelle.Thank you for teaching us how to make this ! Irene

Cloudedbrains said...

OMG what a brilliant idea xx
Sorry may have to try this as its stunningly simple THANKS xx

vixen said...

These are amazing must have a go :) thanks for sharing :)

Mole said...

How clever is that! Thanks for sharing.