Monday, November 28, 2011

Notice anything different?

A few "nice" things have happened to me recently, crafty and photograpy things that put a smile on my face.  The first thing that happened was being asked by Making Memories to design for them for a special they are doing on their blog in December and I will be featured on the 7th December! 

The second thing was strange - I got an email that I actually thought was a joke, from a personal email address asking me about a photo of mine and a Layout.  The photo did not show up on the email and I had to guess which one it was.  So I am very surprised and delighted to tell you that my photo will be published in a Creating Keepsakes Magazine in May 2012 and my Layout will be used on their website.  Not sure how this happened, as they found me, I didn't submit to them!

I have just taken the photo down from my blog and added a lovely new picture in it's place!!!!

On Nov 22, 2011, at 2:56 AM, Michelle La Grue wrote:


sutty said...

Congratulations Michelle....can't wait to see it all :)

valc said...

Bloody Wowsers...well done you. NOW will you believe how talented you are. Congrats xxxx