Monday, November 7, 2011

Special Cake for a special Girl!

Tomorrow my beautiful darling daughter Caoimhe will be 15!  I know all mums say that their daughters are beautiful, but I think my Caoimhe is just amazing.  She is a lovely big sister, a real friend and I am proud to call her my daughter.

At 15, money is her "God" at the moment, so all she wants for her present is Money, but she has already gotten me to buy her some Urban Decay makeup, and new jammies and slippers from her little sisters.  She has plans to hit Dundrum Shopping Center with her friend Megan and shop shop shop!  She wants to have a good look in Hollister and might just spend most of her money there.  She wants another new phone, despite her phone being only 6 months old!!!

We are not planning any big parties anymore for her, as she really did nearly everything that could be done in the past.  So she was just having friends over and a sleep over, but I arranged for a cake for her.  Caoimhe is makeup mad!  She loves it - wants it all and has a list as long as her arm of all the items she must have.  In the future I think she might be interested in a career or side line in makeup!  My next door neighbour Karyn Sheridan and her boyfriend Neil Hassett are the most amazing Designer Bakers and they are called What's up Cupcake?  I had a quick chat to Karyn about the cake and this is what she came up with.  We cannot wait to taste the cake but I if it tastes half as good as it looks, it will be demolished in a day!

So if you have any occasions that require cakes, cupcakes or even cake pops, give Karyn or Neil a call and say Michelle sent you or visit them on Facebook!

This is another one of Karyns cakes - Just stunning!!!


vixen said...

Wow those are awesome cakes, I hope they taste as good as they look mmmm.... :)