Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Not feeling it!

I have to admit that I am not in the crafty zone at the moment.  The craft room is tidy, the stash is sitting there, the mojo has gone on a hike!!  I feel like I have lost my right arm, the body is willing but the mojo is weak!!!

I may have just asked too much of it recently - I got asked by one of the bigger scrapbook manufacturers to work with some of their products and after I had finished the bunting and the star for Handmade Hannah, I then jumped into the papers and embellishment pack from this company.  I was so inspired, really had fun and pushed my creativity to it's limit and was really happy with what I made.  Once it was uploaded and done and dusted, I slumped into this mood and the last few things I made have ho hum and not worth photographing and uploading.

So it's nothing from me today - some stuff on my DH's computer that I need to move to mine, and a few new things that I made might make it to the blog once I have looked at them again.

So I may give it some time, take a few challenges and see what happens.

The two small's at the Pumpkin Festival in Virginia Co Cavan at the weekend.


sutty said...

Great photos and those pumpkins are gigantic!!!

vixen said...

Wow that is one huge pumpkin, Imagine scooping and carving it out, that would take some time. Fab photos :)